Old lady

Little lady sitting in your chair

Screaming because you cannot curl your hair

Screaming for you want to go to bed

Screaming for a pillow for your head

You tell me no one listens when you shout

Your voice unpleasant makes us shut it out.

Your motive is the power to dominate.

That is not love it seems to me like hate.

Some things we can’t get by force of will

We only have the power to make men ill.

I now believe in witches you are one.

When you die the witches will be gone.

I thought that I could love the human race

Until I saw the contours of your face

What we’re getting wrong in the conversation about mental health


This means resisting the temptation to label all negative feelings with psychiatric terminology. When I was a psychology lecturer, I spoke to an undergraduate student about how she and her peers discussed their mental health, and she said that everyone in her year group – around 150 students – described themselves as having either depression or an anxiety disorder or both. From what we know from population-based studies, it’s nigh-on impossible that they all met criteria for