Tea: how to ration the baked beans

For a child of 5 we recommend 15 baked beans on half a slice of wholemeal bread smeg with one teaspoon full of Marmite.

For a child of 10 we will double the quantities of everything except the bread. And for a teenager of 15 you better hide the baked bean tin before they come home from school oh that’s maltin won’t last you or your a small tin of own brand baked beans will not feed all of the children at one meal.

Don’t worry if your children lose weight because the average person in Britain is very overweight.

Your child may not be the average person in Britain will help the average person if some some people lose weight.

Why not see how long one small loaf of wholemeal bread will last Or come to the food bank to watch the rabble fighting. Anything the Romans did we can do better without using lions.

Reading the signs

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A refugee.


We all know what happens in countries that have 3 prime ministers in one year.

Please don’t go into the Details

I don’t even know where the Details are.

Probably on the front page of the Sun.

At least the average person in Britain should be able to read the Sun.

You can read my hand if you want to.

What about reading the stars?

We just read books in my time

The lowest men are kindest to the weak

D October 22, 2017

The driver of the bus lives far away
His home is mobile,but not smart like our phones
He lives in a small caravan, he says
Yet of all the drivers he’s the one.

He always waits till I ,crippled, sit down
Advised me to sit until he stops
He has a smile and rarely makes a frown
Though sometimes in his words some anger’s wrapped.

Alas, he unsurprisingly believes
That all the money goes to foreign folk
By the tabloid press he is deceived
Yet due to pain, his hidden fires must smoke

The least men are the kindest to the weak
Believe me,I know well what I here speak

Can uncertainty have a bright side?


In 1817, the poet John Keats wrote to his brothers to discuss the value of being open to uncertainty, mystery, and doubt. In his letter, he offered a critique to those he saw as attempting to categorize all human experience into a theory of knowledge. He criticized Coleridge, whom he viewed as seeking knowledge over beauty. Keats used the phrase, negative capability, to describe an openness to experience without the need to rationalize, categorize, or in any sense analyze what is happening. He wrote:

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I think I’ve mislaid my soul

And studying engine ballistics.
but I saw the light.
At midnight one night.
Since when I’m enjoying the Mystics.

I read Meister Eckhart one year.
I found some little bits very clear.
I agree I am naught
In blindness am caught.
I am almost convinced I’m not here.

Doing the pruning is good.
Take off the dead bits of wood.
Oh,God prune my soul,
Help me to be whole.
I may even come into new bud.

Is God just a deep metaphor?
Do you really know who you are?
I was in my room
When a feeling of doom
Made me run straight into this bar!

I think I’ve mislaid my soul
I was washing it in this white bowl.
So well did I rinse,
I’ve not seen it since.
So how will I ever grow whole?

I think the detergent’s too strong.
I felt in my heart,suds were wrong.
A soul is too fine,
For modern design,
and especially for a very sharp tongue.

I always loved contemplation.
I can do it even while I’m waiting.
Life goes so fast,
From the first to the last.
I’ll meditate in your arms on the Station.


Spirits rise

Without our conscious knowledge or intent
Our spirits rise as does the sun above
And spring time turns our thoughts to love
When just last week we felt we’d overspent

As animals we need not brood nor think
Our minds and bodies alter with the sun
So when our labour and our tasks are done
Our spirits rise  before the red sun sinks

We  long to walk through meadows red with flowers
Admire the blue  of linseed  in the fields
And  in the Essex landscape is revealed
The richness of the soil and of our hours

The sun  is ours to bless and I desire
To be burned up in its  pure, awesome fire