The mystery

About the golden light what can I say

Love is near and we don’t need to pray

Enter into darkness without fear

Another hand will  guide help us steer

I had lost my faith I was berefr

I could not speak, and sinking was my raft

Then the soft bright cloud embraced me whole.

I felt a presence and I saw the light

Why should I be helped when many die?

The mysterious hand of God, the soul destroyed

Religion without a church? Humanism almost qualifies

They could have taken on militant religion, exposed its texts, decried its doctrines and found arguments to persuade young British men not to go to Syria and slaughter “heretics”. But religious fanatics might have retaliated. Instead, they chose the safe option of attacking the phantom menace of militant atheists, who would never harm them. Leaving all philosophical and moral objections aside, they have been the most awful cowards.