Is Emile a dog?

Mary was looking at the carpet in the hall.

Look at this carpet,she said to Emile

I can see your paw

marks all over it

Yes I trod in some red paint that someone has spilled on the pavement.

I think I will have to get you some shoes said Mary but you can take them off when you go in the back garden.

Do you mean we’ll have to go to the shops to buy me some shoes said Emile hopefully

I don’t know. If I went to a toy shop they might have some dolls wearing plastic shoes.

I don’t want plastic shoes the cat responded angrily.

My feet need to be able to breathe

So you would like leather shoes will you Emile?

The only alternative seem to be Wellington boots.

But do they make Wellington boots small enough for cats?

I don’t know the cat said wisely

Well if you would only learn to read you could look on the computer yourself.

It goes against my wilder nature to learn to read.

Well Mary said do you believe that I have no wilder nature ?

I believe you did at one time but I haven’t seen much evidence of it recently

That’s because Stan is dead, she shouted.

That would not bother a cat,

Well you may not have noticed but I am not a cat. And if you’re so pretty and wild, love me love me do

Don’t be so ridiculous. I am too small to make love to you.

You could run up and down my spine with Algipan on your feet

I’d rather wear perfume on my feet and run up your bosom.

Naughty cat, bestiality is not allowed in Britain.

Well don’t tell anybody about it. It’s not real bestiality just running up your body with perfume on my feet.

Well it’s something that no human being could do without seriously injuring me.

So you see there could be an advantage to marrying the cat

Yes my love I do love you very much Emile but I would really like a man as well as you and maybe you could find a lady cat that you could marry then we can all live in this house together then you and your wife could have some kittens

I’ll have to see who the man is before I agree to that. He might not like cats.

Is that case I should tell him you are a dog.

And so say all of us.

Mary visits Sally 1+ 2 +3+4+5

By Katherine v2015

Mary got all  dolled up in her new pink wool dress.She was going to visit her former neighbour Sally in her pleasan and friendly Care Home not far away

Which handbag will match this, she asked her tomcat  Emile.She did love a bag of fine quality as did he.

Not a black one, he muttered

How about blue?

Yes cerulean blue is pretty.

Mary put her keys and money into the bag,

It is very large,but never mind

Emile thought, Now my chance has come.

He donned his denim jacket and got a clean Hanky

Then when Mary was powdering her nose he hid inside the  gorgeous Enny bag

Powder puff £4 by Barks 2 Often

Buy  bag in G bay for £5000

Mary put the bag on her

shoulder and went to the

bus stop

And so will all of us

Soon the bus arrived.She picked up her beautiful bag and almost fell over.It was very heavy.

  I am getting old, she thought I can hardly lift my handbag Little did she suspect the truth That Emile was inside  trembling in fear in case Mary should drop the bag off the bus.He weighed 5 kg without his fur,so he had been told by the Doctor.

The bus went off and soon they reached Naughty Hall with it’s lovely Cedar Tree and its rose gardens.They got off the bus and walked to Pewter Road where Sally was waiting for Mary.She did not know that Mary had this errant cat hiding in her bag

But she soon will

Mary rang the bell on the front door of Suffolk House.

Come in the receptionist cried.

I have come to visit Sally, Mary told her Is she still in Room 13?

No we call it 12a now because 13 is unlucky

For whom?

Well someone broke a tooth eating nuts in there.

That’s not bad luck.Its stupid to bite hard nuts when you are old

In the Guardian last week  it said that old people could still enjoy sex They advise using sex toys.So why not food

But not to help one to eat nuts I guess!

Can’t tell you as I have never seen a sex toy.

We will ask Matron

Do you think she uses them?

God knows but it is not part of the job description.

Not yet

And so cry all of us.

Sally was happy to see Mary

What a pretty dress she shouted.

Thank you said Mary.

Oh, lord your handbag is shaking.Is there a bomb in it?

Who would bomb a Care Home?

A crazy old woman!

That would be stupid.

Oh dear, it’s moving .Oh, God.

The women froze.

The two women stared at the bag.

And so have all of us.

Then they heard a loud Miaow.

It’s a cat.A large one.

Now Emile what are you doing?

Can’t breathe.Let me out, mother.Quick

Are you the cat’s mother, asked Sally?

Not literally, Mary confessed.

She let Emile out and it was a lovely treat for Sally.She had not touched an animal since her husband died 6 years ago.

She usually preferred dogs but Emile was such fun

And so are all of us .

This reminds me of some of Turner’s of great paintings

This is a photograph by Mike Flemming of the recent partial eclipse of the sun. It is very beautiful and just awe inspiring. I’ve never seen a photograph that was such a work of art. It reminds me of some of the paintings that Turner did which I believe we’re in Kent looking at the wonderful sea and sky views. It reminds me also of The Fighting Temeraire.

Raspberry canes that chuckle in the wind

The empty canes of raspberries hang low

Red maple leaves are mashed up in the mud

Nature seems to hover by death’s door

Animals and humans drained as whores

No feeling ,no green sap,no flowing blood

The crackling canes of raspberries hang low as

What can we say un-cliched, metaphored?

At dawn the sun will burn despite the Flood

Nature did not force us through death’s door

Can the death of God mean this and more,

Though love and hate are fractured, life is good?

The chuckling canes the berries sang below

Can a life with heart not be restored?

End retaliation, understand

Nature did not wave us through the door

At the edge of Europe are no hordes

Jesus is more small than any bud

The crackling canes stored laughter in their cores

The remnants of the foxgloves in the wood

Wave politely . even seem to nod

The raspberry canes, the honesty know more

Nature ,light and darkness, affect stored

Sunlight at Easter

The Easter sun came through the rich stained glass

A little child illuminated  passed.

The shining floor below the roof above

The glowing light a symbol of deep love

At this moment normal time had gone

Absorbed into the mysteries of the sun.

Then the child ran off, a cloud came by

Eternity has passed with just a sigh


in fields of lushest buttercups we ‘d lie
We’d watch the clouds as gently they blew by.
Love was born we thought would never die.
But you are gone, and so I sadly sigh

That love itself remains without your form
Yet tears of loss enfold me like a storm.
I knew you’d never hurt or do me harm.
I felt your smile’s embrace, so wide, so warm.

How is the world,now emptied of your being?
No sound, no touch, no smell, no sight, no seeing.
How is the world when you have gone ahead
Yet I must linger in this empty bed?

Yet those who’ve loved are grateful for this gift
Our sorrow is that life itself’s t,oo swift

The light in autumn

The leaves have not yet fallen from this tree

It makes my room so dark I cannot see.

Winter clocks will change and lengthen nights.

The sun will scarcely rise nor give much light.

The angle of the sun brings danger near

It blinds the eyes and fills us with great fear.

in Sudeley Castle chapel the stained glass

Concentrates the light and let’s it pass

The world is different every day and hour

it is the same for little winter flowers

Look a[ modern life we are too rushed

The artist in us all is daily crushed.

When we struggle fearing we are lost

The spirit we all share will pay the cost.

It doesn’t save that you have great wealth

As long as there are poor you have no health.


Euphoria by Elin Cullhed

This is a novel based on the last 6 months of the life of Sylvia Plath the great poet.

I have only read a bit of it but it’s beautiful written although it is very sad.

Do people sometimes take risks which are too great?

Marrying someone you met 3 months ago in a country a long way from your own country then moving to a remote

village but who are we to judge?

Her death what a great loss to literature and also a personal lost to her friends and family

The stress of work

That there’s an upside to pushing ourselves to the limit in our professional life is a fallacy, says Cary Cooper, professor of organisational psychology and health at the Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester. “Pressure is good for you. Pressure is stimulating and motivating, but when it exceeds your ability to cope, we’re in the stress arena.”

He says that 20 years ago the leading cause of absence at work was backache — now it’s stress, anxiety and depression, according to the Health and Safety Executive’s report the year before the pandemic. “It was 57 per cent of all long-term sickness absence. During the pandemic it rose to 63 per cent, but it’s not just the pandemic — we have a problem.”

That problem, says Dr Mithu Storoni, a neuroscience researcher and the author of Stress Proof, the Scientific Solution to Protect Your Brain and Body — and Be More Resilient Every Day, is that the way we work creates “an environment almost curated to trigger stress, but most importantly to not recover once that acute stress happens”.

63 per cent of long-term sickness absences during the pandemic were the result of stress, anxiety and depression

63 per cent of long-term sickness absences during the pandemic were the result of stress, anxiety and depression