Sate worms’ lust

Like a tree that’s pulled up by the roots

I have some signs of life yet I am doomed

When disconnected from the fertile earth

A tree will slowly die and lose its worth

So it is with people just as well

Some may look alive but who can tell?

When your loved one dies you’re ripped apart.

A tree uprooted crushed and given no thought.

Yet in the end a tree will turn to dust.

Earth to earth and ashes sate worms’ lust’

Does a thing destroyed enrich the earth?

From its ash a brave new tree is birthed

Eternal circles from our death and life

The weapon is the man, the earth the wife

Parts of London

Chingford I don’t know where the river Ching is.

Woodford it’s further East than Chingford they both of them are are near Epping Forest

Dartford. It seems unlikely that the ford was on the River Thames so I guess there is a River Dart.

Fords and bridges are very important in urban areas particularly

Wood Green it’s not what it sounds like unless you go to Alexander palace.

Southgate. Once there was a gates for Enfield Chace a wooded area where King Henry the 8th used to hunt. What were they really hunting for?

Oakwood. Well that is perfectly obvious.

Cockfosters. This is not very obvious. Were there foster homes for lonely cocks?

Potters Bar.. it might be a public house


the flat wide green of Essex seem so large

then Epping Forest thickens by its side

filled with diverse birds the tree tops stir

Waving in the wind which they defy

the flat land is for farmers and for hares

In the autumn fires throw flames up high.

It seems the Earth is burning where we lay

our bodies and our love sigh into air

Lambeth where sheep may safely graze

Ealing. for miracles
Lambeth where sheep may safely graze
Southwark… just  part of the Ark
Brent….a bit like a bloody stent.
Neasden….. on the NHS?
Richmond and body
Highgate… is there a stile?
Haringey…….am I deaf?
Waltham Forest… … all the trees gone West
Epping Forest… a new swear word.You  epping idiot.
Waltham Abbey as left by Henry V111th.
Barnet…….oh. darn it!
Boreham Wood… no need to be offensive.
Bushey…. well once.
Watford…. all these epping rivers.How about a bridge or two?
Stoke by Nayland…… or in Nayland  or smoke outside Nayland
Constable.. don’t arrest me,I am innocent of that murder
Essex….aye sex! Who needs Freud?
Cheshunt… what is a Ches?
Broxbourne….. any bourne for me and my broxen