Lambeth where sheep may safely graze

Ealing. for miracles
Lambeth where sheep may safely graze
Southwark… just  part of the Ark
Brent….a bit like a bloody stent.
Neasden….. on the NHS?
Richmond and body
Highgate… is there a stile?
Haringey…….am I deaf?
Waltham Forest… … all the trees gone West
Epping Forest… a new swear word.You  epping idiot.
Waltham Abbey as left by Henry V111th.
Barnet…….oh. darn it!
Boreham Wood… no need to be offensive.
Bushey…. well once.
Watford…. all these epping rivers.How about a bridge or two?
Stoke by Nayland…… or in Nayland  or smoke outside Nayland
Constable.. don’t arrest me,I am innocent of that murder
Essex….aye sex! Who needs Freud?
Cheshunt… what is a Ches?
Broxbourne….. any bourne for me and my broxen

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