Though we use the language we were born into, maybe creating a completely new vision or description of our worlds; we may even invent new words but we are born into a society and a language which structures our perceptions and relationships from infancy onward

English is a very rich language as it has been formed out of a large number of languages of different peoples who have lived here [invaded] from the Romansonwards. Celtic tribes ,Ancient Britons, Anglo Saxons,Vikings,Normans,Flemish immigrants etc etc.We also have many words emanating from classical Greek.
I think that is because until a hundred years ago Education,for those privileged to have access to it,was almost entirely studying Latin and Greek,[ both language and philosophy from the works of Plato,Aristotle etc]
It you wanted to do maths at Cambridge you did Classics first.So all those higher up,educated, wealthy people were familiar with these languages and the classical authors.They would also be very familiar with the writings in The Bible,but probably not Hebrew,Aramaic and related tongues.The Bible was probably read in Latin until the Reformation.So the English Bible is a translation of a translation at the very least


Leaves have gone so suddenly

Small birds float on the wind

Like boats astride a choppy sea.

Their swaying soothes my mind.

Wild geese fly past at dusk again,

They head towards the North.

The holly berries glow in sun,

Holy is joy’s birth.

I gaze intently at the sky,

The clouds hang dark and low.

If I were a mere wild goose

I’d know which way to go

But I am left with just these words

To tell my destination.

Words can carry down to me

Wisdom from past generations

We use old words in unique ways.

We structure them to form

A new design not seen before

A new sentence is born

I send my words with love to you

I hope you safely catch them.

Give me answers from your heart

And I’ll do my best to match them.

Talking makes it go up

We are going to take your blood pressure 10 times

Thank you for warning me I’ve got my gun here and it’s loaded.

In any case why 10 times? You seem over fond of the decimal system where’s I will prefer you to take it 12 times as 12 as a much more interesting number than 10 since You can divide it by 234 and 6.

Please don’t talk it will make your blood pressure rise.

Well the world was coming through and we couldn’t talk l

It depends on how 0l high it is

I keep mine very high on purpose so that you won’t be able to reach it I also have a booby trap so beware.

And it’s going up

Do you stop talking?

Only when I’m listening

Would you like me to tell you a story?

Did you write it yourself?

I haven’t ever tried that.

Go write and leave my blood pressure alone