Tea: how to ration the baked beans

For a child of 5 we recommend 15 baked beans on half a slice of wholemeal bread smeg with one teaspoon full of Marmite.

For a child of 10 we will double the quantities of everything except the bread. And for a teenager of 15 you better hide the baked bean tin before they come home from school oh that’s maltin won’t last you or your a small tin of own brand baked beans will not feed all of the children at one meal.

Don’t worry if your children lose weight because the average person in Britain is very overweight.

Your child may not be the average person in Britain will help the average person if some some people lose weight.

Why not see how long one small loaf of wholemeal bread will last Or come to the food bank to watch the rabble fighting. Anything the Romans did we can do better without using lions.

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