Are you tormented by your eyes and your vision?

Choose your email address with as few dots as possible. We will always or etc

On Gmail it doesn’t matter whether you put the dots in or not because they ignore them but some people don’t

Easier to type in than

Each of these will be treated the same by Google but I have learn that WordPress will treat them as two different people so you could have 2 distinct blogs

Make your email address short and simple

Before you begin to use any new device have a good look at the keyboard. They have subtle differences in where they put the comma and the full stop. It’s less frustrating to find out before you start than caught by surprise. Samsung keyboards different from other Android devices. ⁰

If you’re vision is very good and it won’t matter.

Touch screen laptops are easier for people with poor vision people with diabetic related eye problems and so on ll

I have found that HP will often have a reduced one in 0 their sale.

You can buy sticky labels with visible letters and numbers on? Sex,

But if you can afford it get a backlit keyboard.

There’s nothing like getting accustomed to a device start off with a few emails or looking at your blog until you feel you know where the main keys are..

Using the microphone to dictate your emails saves you looking on the keyboard to find the letters and numbers and although it may come out badly at the beginning once it gets used to your vocabulary it will improve but what it’s ok for using a friends who loves you but may be not for people different type you don’t know about your eyes and they may judge you harshly for any typing errors

On the other hand it may be very funny as my sister discovered when I wrote to her she said she had not laughed so much for ages.

I’ve been using devices for 12 years and I’m still learning. Further hints from my readers are most welcome.

Find my device app it’s very useful and I recommend that we should try it before we lose any device to reduce the adrenaline in our bodies as it is not a matter of life or death

I welcome comments and criticism

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