Does grief ever come to an end ?

The Myth of Closure” is also her attempt to make sense of simultaneously unfolding catastrophes in her personal life and around the world. “This is the first time I’ve raised ambiguous loss to a higher level regarding the pandemic, a societal level,” Boss told me. In trying to describe losses that society doesn’t always recognize, Boss might be helping us to rethink the nature of loss altogether.



4 thoughts on “Does grief ever come to an end ?

    1. I hope that people will take note of this and not criticise those of us who suffer march for a long time. And I am remembering your sister David. Thank you very much for for youe welcome comment

    1. I am much better than I was David thank you. After reading what you wrote about your sister how could I ever forget that? You wrote a beautiful piece which I admire tremendously Katherine

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