ART REVIEW; A Spectrum of Watercolor Technique – The New York Times

Because Mr. Straight does not come from the traditional ranks of the watercolor world and paints canvases of geometric designs, expectations were considerably raised. However, the show has no major surprises. It reflects a broad range of techniques, but subject matter is rather traditional. Most of the works are very attractive outdoor scenes, like Gwen Kovach’s ”Grand Canal, Souchou, China,” with its exquisitely rendered reflections, or the well-saturated patches of color in ”Clearing” by Deborah Fowler Greenwood of Moorestown.

”Sunday Morning in Riverton,” by Rosemary Hutchins of Cinnaminson, who was one of the 10 winners of the juror’s award, captures bright sunlight as it shines on the wood-framed houses and the laundry blowing on the clothesline. The subject suggests a bygone era, and its classic application of transparent layers of color on white paper even brings to mind the late-19th-century American masters of the medium.

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