Envious feelings

Envious feelings damage our own heart

Do not feed the soil in which they grow

Peace and love and beauty will depart

Do not put the horse behind the cart

Do not turn a friend into a foe

Envious feelings damage our own hearts

For peace and love and beauty will depart

Like the snail it’s better to be low

Do not be a vulture be a larka

Little buds of sin grow into sharks

Do not injure others with your blows

unless you are a dog you should not bark

when we enjoy others let’s be glad

there is no need to act when you are sad

comparing and contrasting ruined our hearts

Find the right connections when you start

Learning to Be Creative Despite Mental Illness – The New York Times


health club, we are graced with a dentist and a lawyer. You do not have to be a doctor or lawyer or prime minister to be creative, but you can be one of them and still have mental illness.

There is one possibility where those of us with mental illness can create. By working on ourselves to establish a personality so strong, we can go out in the mainstream of our communities and get a job. The reason for our work order day is to aid us in reaching this goal. To turn mental illness around is creative, to my way of thinking.

No, we are not Lord Byron, Vincent Van Gogh or Herman Melville, or Sylvia Plath or Virginia Woolf and Robert Lowell. All of these creators are thought by researchers to have suffered just as we do with mental illness. We are not famous. We are not even creative in the customary sense of the word. But we can (and some of us do) mold ourselves into an improved person. This may not seem creative to the outside world in the usual sense of the word. But to my way of thinking, it is