On an egg


Necessary evil is a verbal construct

Rapacity under the cover of contention is still greed

My nerves have weals he said.

I am as nervous as a naked nun in a room full of people who  sleep in fur coats

Never pull off tomorrow what you can ease off today.

Keep your stare on!

If you never get dressed,you need never undress.

I took out a new lease on his wife,She is frilled.

.He bought me an apron for Xmas so I fried it for his dinner.That will do the trick… next year he may give me a  sausage 

And  no,I never made a Freudian slip in my wife.

He said he wants to borrow my life! 

What do you say to a cup of tea?
You look hot!

I’m going to work on my bag

Can I buy dog food  during crackdown?

Where do I park the  dog?

I’m going to shirk your strong legs

I wanted a cook book  now I’m an indecent accountant



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