The pleasure of Confession



Pray Father,I jave no sins to confess.What is the most common sin you hear about?

Hurting the feelings of loved ones or strangers by projecting our ill will into them and

then attacking them.

How about adultery?

Is that a proposal?

You naughty  little animal!You know what I mean.Don’t tease me.I am sensitive but I’m ok.I sleep all night and sin all day.Is adultery common?

It is very common and shows poor taste ,so if you want to be less vulgar leave it out.

I am long past adultery now.I am too stiff for sexual athletics.Though with more

acupuncture,one never knows.Besides I am not married any more.

Surely there is something else wrong you  must have done recently? You are only human

To be honest,Father,I believe we are often blind to our faults and we would need to bring

some other people along here to say how we have treated them.And then we’d find out

our sins more easily from them.

Well,there is some truth in that but we only need a random sample of your sins.

One will be a metonym for the rest.

Is that the right word?

Well,if it’s not it’s near enough,my child.

I am older than you;you must know.

I am sorry to say that is not a sin,my dear lady.Try harder.

I suffer from scruples…………… is that bad.?

Very bad.What are they about?


Give them up.Believe  you did your best.

How can I be sure?

Well, we are never sure of anything in this life but we it will kill us to  brood all day

Well, it does sound selfish when you put it like that

Now, drop  that heavy bag of  worries and run about the garden 

I can’t run but I will  have more fun

Now you’ve got it, my child.

Thank you and good night

Who  can bear the world?

A gap that can’t be bridged, the world, the words
In between the two, the abyss stares
Some ignore the world, words do not scare.

Children try to speak but are they heard?
What is undefinable occurs
A gap that can’t be bridged, the world, the words

The bridge not built, the feelings ever  bare
Held so  deep ,oh heart,we need to care
Redraw the map ,leave out  the tales that scare

Feelings come in waves, the sea is stirred
In the depths are memories that burn

Inevitable hole, the world, the words

Fear of weakness, fear  of being prey
See the eagle  with its kill return
We  do redraw the world, leave out what scares

In the end we all shall  live with  worms
And on a fishing line some die to squirm
The gap that can’t be bridged, the world, the words
Who  can bear  the world I’ve not  yet heard