The whisper

I walk in sadness as fish swim the sea
I can’t  rememeber  how life felt before
The foetus  and the feel of gravity

Death  will come with ,without decree
The other world   a room with a   closed door
I walk in sadness as fish swim  the sea

The pain, the blood, the whisper and the grief
Could any woman wish for any more?
The foetus lost, the ropes of gravity

What  is human dies without a plea
Ah, the garments in the baby store
I walk as sad as fish flow with sea

From such  anguish,  we may wish to flee
Unless beneath our  feet there’s solid floor
To hold the foetus wrapped in love. oh, thief!

Life may cackle like a randy whore
You can’t buy babies in the liquor store
I walk in sadness as fish fill the sea
The foetus  drowned, the  urgent grave, now you.





Dear Aunt Aggie

I have got a problem with food.Basically I can’t eat
Can you offer  any suggestions?

Starving of Surrey

Dear Starving
I am sorry you hate eating when when the Easter Eggs will soon be in bloom.Are you sulking?
Have you ever thought  of cooking a roast beef dinner and putting it into the food processor along with a glass of wine
Then you can eat it from a spoon.If  you can’t, add more wine and drink it

Otherwise go for raw food chopped into small pieces and covered in lemon with olive oil
Another thing is chopped melon with chopped avacado  and black grapes
I do not  mean dirty grapes, just dark coloured ones

How about a bag of chips  with battered fish?

photo of vegetables on bowl
Photo by cottonbro on

Stuff a sprout

If  stuffed cabbage is too much
Stuff a sprout, from Brussels  lurched
A joint of beef is excess now
Try a calf’s foot  not a cow’s
Try a sausage  stewed in milk
If it spills we shall not wilt
Roast potatoes make some mad
Grill tinned peaches, they’re not bad
Try a carrot for a lark
Eat  it when your mood is dark
Make a salad, apple, nuts
Celery must face the cuts
Walnuts  come in bags not shells
Just as oil comes  out of wells
Why not ask a guest if blue?
I  can’t eat enough for two!