Hennetwistle  has a railway stop
The name is Viking  now it’s usually spelled
Entwistle, where reservoirs fill up
Manchester wants  water , here it’s held

Too Thirlmere is an artificial lake
For tea in Manchester, those thirsty folk
How much more d’ye think that they will take?
Hamlets drowned, dull cypress trees that cloak

I once passed through Darwen on a train
On the way to Ilkley  with my aunt
No memory of bliss with me remains
Except the  flowers  so wild, their ghosts  still haunt

Yet nowhere else gives me the feel of home
This landscape is my body and my soul

Bacon well bred


boars on snow near trees
Photo by Arthur Smaal on Pexels.com

As I looked down the list of groceries I could buy online I saw this

Outdoor bred bacon

Well , stone the crows.I’ve never seen bacon on a farm or with cows in a meadow

Next, chili with rice
I’d  like some meat as well.After all it’s easy to cook quick rice and throw some chili powder over it.Even a few kidney beans would be better than nothing

  Macaroni cheese

Don’t buy ir

Cook some  quick macaroni and add grated cheese.And maybe some cream or butter

Why not start cooking again?