Oh,doctor I am in a flap


Oh,doctor I am in a flap
I cannot turn this childproof cap
I cannot take my medicine
So I shall toss it in the bin

The beta blockers make me down
I am in a study brown.
The mini aspirins make me bruise
And my mind is quite confused.

The ibuprofen hurt my heart
Yet without one I cannot start.
The thyroxine has no effect
So now I feel my life is dreck.

The codeine fails to make me high
I'm not addicted, though I try.
I'll have to take a shot of gin
And alcohol will make me sin.

I'll go to parties in a dress
That makes men's hormones more or less.
I'll take a big one home with me,
And give him poison in his tea.

And when I am in jail at last
I'll feel remorse for all my past.
For as I suffer dreadful pain
God has hit me yet again.

It's not enough that I am blind
And suffer terrors in my mind
Not enough that lovers cruel
Give me stick instead of jewels.

Or maybe life does not make sense
Especially when I feel so tense.
Maybe random are my days
and my life has gone astray.

I think that I shall buy a cat
And love it tenderly and chat.
But if my cat gives me a scratch...
I'll light its tail up with a match.

All the world must me obey
Else I'll be enraged all day.
I want my own way all the time.
Other people must conform.

I am here and full of ills
What do you think of these blue pills?
If they take away my heart
That at least will be a start.

Then they can remove my brain
To help me with this damned pain.
Why not kill me right away
Then I'll be from pain astray?


A jellied eel is rarely served today

Smoke your fish in grandad’s polished pipe
Unless by accident you caught a pike
Foxes  tails are not a brush for hair
Without a tail, a fox will need repair

Herrings  caught in Whitby harbour glare
They may be dead but that is their affair
A jellied eel is rarely served today
If you eat one piece then  do not say

Bacon. ham and sausages despair
Moses said to eat them was unfair
Can we  reverse the  process we have used
And make some pigs, if only to amuse

Did smoking food  conceal the smell of death
The pig is  gone, it’s not holding its breath
Smoking pipes did not keep men alive
Some smoke in their grave. as I have spied

In the end  it’s  burial  or fire
The ashes of  the dead   are not for hire



In The Courage to BePaul Tillich asserts:

He who does not succeed in taking his anxiety courageously upon himself can succeed in avoiding the extreme situation of despair by escaping into neurosis. He still affirms himself but on a limited scale. Neurosis is the way of avoiding nonbeing by avoiding being.




Senseless we will suffer, we are sick

We believe  just what we want and then we find
All unaware, unconsciously, within
The evidence we need to close our minds

We might as well be deaf and if not, blind
Perception lies, conception is then thin
We believe  just what we want which  we  then find

We justify our actions, are unkind
Cast    first stones as if we never sin
With evidence invented by closed minds

By the blood of others our own soul is stained
Starving children  grovel in waste tips
Affectless we look, we cast off blame

The widespread wars, the  rage, the napalm aimed
The slaves who make our clothes, who feel the whip
Are evidence  we  choose to close our minds

The punishment for blindness will  now stick
Our souls and minds degraded by one click
We believe  what suits us and then we  surely find
The evidence we need to shut our minds




As pale as paper


If this were 2040 I’d be 70 ….. so how does that grab you and your   grocery delivery slots?

I am over 70 and  am very variable.Can I book a delivery or a funeral?

I am 69.9999999
Must I wait infinitely  long for any delivery.I’m an asymptote.I never reach the end.Unless I die of starvation and fall off the curve

Ny husband says pi is a real number.I say it’s a meal.Can you deliver either of these?

I am 69 and 3/4.Can I round that up to  the nearest whole number?  You’ve never heard of whole numbers? Just guess.No it’s not holy.

I should  be 70 but I  was overdue and stayed in the womb 3 weeks extra.Now I might suffer starvation which seems cruel.I can’t get back in to the womb.Tell the manager.

I am 91 and highll y visible.Please give me a slot. Do I pay after tasting?

I am very frail and can no longer ride my bike.Shall I die or will you send my  order
Or both?

I will survive if and only if you anwer the phone.Yes ,I am a mathematician but I can’t live on numbers alone.Send some protein I beg you.

I  just stumbled upon this site.May I book a slot? No.not for letters I want some food
I can’t see any other answer to my prayers.God says he’s never seen me before.

I’ve had to live on pizza for 2 weeks.I shall be 70 tomorrow.Any chance of  a delivery?
I was born at 12.02  April 3rd am 1 in 950 weighing 3lb 6 oz.I was premature.I still am.Any chance of ordering some baby food for delivery?
Don’t make me die hungry.