As pale as paper


If this were 2040 I’d be 70 ….. so how does that grab you and your   grocery delivery slots?

I am over 70 and  am very variable.Can I book a delivery or a funeral?

I am 69.9999999
Must I wait infinitely  long for any delivery.I’m an asymptote.I never reach the end.Unless I die of starvation and fall off the curve

Ny husband says pi is a real number.I say it’s a meal.Can you deliver either of these?

I am 69 and 3/4.Can I round that up to  the nearest whole number?  You’ve never heard of whole numbers? Just guess.No it’s not holy.

I should  be 70 but I  was overdue and stayed in the womb 3 weeks extra.Now I might suffer starvation which seems cruel.I can’t get back in to the womb.Tell the manager.

I am 91 and highll y visible.Please give me a slot. Do I pay after tasting?

I am very frail and can no longer ride my bike.Shall I die or will you send my  order
Or both?

I will survive if and only if you anwer the phone.Yes ,I am a mathematician but I can’t live on numbers alone.Send some protein I beg you.

I  just stumbled upon this site.May I book a slot? No.not for letters I want some food
I can’t see any other answer to my prayers.God says he’s never seen me before.

I’ve had to live on pizza for 2 weeks.I shall be 70 tomorrow.Any chance of  a delivery?
I was born at 12.02  April 3rd am 1 in 950 weighing 3lb 6 oz.I was premature.I still am.Any chance of ordering some baby food for delivery?
Don’t make me die hungry.

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