Therapy is over

Sometimes we don’t like our thoughts.
They tell us we are no good, ugly or a failure

I believe that we can get CBT  as therapy. here in Britain
This makes us challenge the thoughts we hate

Now since Freud is dead I’ll tell you my idea.
Stop hating your thoughts  but  don’t love them either.
Let them flow along  like a stream of clear water.

There, that didn’t cost you anything.Your therapy is over Continue reading “Therapy is over”

The sea was greeny blue, at least on top

Hepatica-okesabayashi-2020 (1)St Margarets Bay, the  cliff top the wild flowers,
We lay in warm soft sunlight, lighthouse tower,
The clifftop where we lay has   come to grief
Don’t blame us, we  kissed  on Hampstead Heath

The ground is shifting underneath our feet\
This  curious government deserves defeat
They tried to make a human sacrifice
What, turn the telly off  or it may spie?

Then I saw the dress I wore at sea
They took us off  the cliffs to give us tea
The lifeboat men  had saved us from the drop
The sea was greeny blue, at least on top

They took us into Folkestone for some beer
I prefer  green tea, I am sincere
Actually I told another lie
I’ll drink Earl Grey tea  until I die

After that my memory grows dim
I fear my entire life is one long sin


Shall I be one of those who get no care
The framework of the doctors’  thoughts  lies bare
Who can say migrainous hearts  are weak
Who  has  got a  heart valve which might leak?

Since I see the world throught just one eye
Will that be enough to let me die?
My thyroid gland is fading as I age
I do not have the  energy for rage.

We have no rights from God [ is he a  lie?]
Kant’s Imperative  deserves a try
If I’m looking pale  or even sad
That does not mean I  wish that I were dead

Austerity was  hardest for the poor
Now the Graveyard waits, there is no cure.

Write better poetry



Emotion. One of the traps of poetry is the temptation to write around an emotion, rather than to fully immerse yourself in and write with and through that emotion. Don’t be afraid of feeling! Without a doubt, this can be one of the most fulfilling aspects of the art. Emotion is the currency of poetry. Show me the money! Take a class. Continue to learn about poetry. Look for a university extension class being taught by a local poet, or a night school class, or a workshop at your city’s writer’s collective, or even on-line correspondence course. If nothing else, at least read a book about the art and craft of poetry. I recommend Poemcrazy by Susan G. Wooldrige. It’s fun, easy to read, and has lots of great exercises. I’ve had great success with it.