Disgust and Contempt in the White House  Susan B. Miller, Ph.D.

This is a very full discussion of Donald Trump’s behaviour and feelings and the consequences.It was written before he was elected


Keywords: Disgust, Contempt, Shame, Humiliation, Trump

Abstract: Disgust and Contempt in the White House

This paper examines a constellation of emotions that relate to self-regard maintenance in the face of interpersonal vulnerabilities.  The emotions defined and discussed are disgust, contempt, shame and humiliation.  The author conjectures that presidential candidate Donald Trump’s relationship to this emotion constellation predicts the type of leadership he might provide if elected to the US presidency.  His focus is on preserving elevated self-regard, and he is willing to pursue this aim through disidentification with many individuals and classes of people.  This self-protective and self-elevating urge combines with Trump’s disregard for conventional morality around truthfulness and personal responsibility to create a readiness to disengage from the needs of large swathes of humanity.


It hasn’t escaped notice that Donald Trump is easily disgusted, Not as much has been made of Trump’s inclination to contempt, a…

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