After 3 years exactly ,I have lit the lamp

eeIMG_0132The lamp shade on another base.

Broken by your fall, the last you had
The lamp and base separated evermore
But now the light shines through the shade, I’m glad
I feel  the love  is lit deep in my core

The base stands all alone no more to be
Except for its own beauty  and its grace
Reminders of those journeys to the sea
Aldeburgh beach and joyfilled  face.

So on these parts, once unified, shall  live
I need  not throw them out with rubbish and old tins
The shade gives shadows I’m familiar with
The  rounded base has  boldly its self shown

What once was   one has now become two  parts
Each of them gives solace to my heart

Transport for London and the disabled

Photo0035I just spoke to them about the inaccessibility  of my local train station
I got the answer: it is expensive to make them accessible to the Government have given them till 2030 to do the work.By  then I might be dead.
Moorfields Hospital is next to this train line but I’d have to get a cab and  the traffic is hell.

Old or pregnant people forced to stand at bus stop en route for hospital


Maybe a bath could be installed instead of a seat.The seats are uncomfortable


Joan Jagger, 70, above, retired foster carer
“I’m furious. I use the buses all the time if I want to go to Camden or the West End. But I have arthritis and back problems and if I have to stand up for too long it’s agony. The seats are essential for people like me. You can also put your shopping on them to save bending down. Only one person wanted the seats taken away because she said kids were congregating here but since the CCTV camera was put up there is no problem. We were never asked first, and we want them back straight away.”

Olivia Leun, 36, who works in the Fortune Food café next to the bus stop

“Everyone’s very angry about it. We’re raising a petition to TfL to bring the seats back. They didn’t consult anybody first, they just took them away. There’s a lot of elderly people and pregnant women who need to sit down. We would like to let them sit in the shop but we can’t for insurance reasons. As a community we need to sort this out. There used to be trouble here but not any more, now there’s a camera right there. It doesn’t make sense.”

Problems of painters and poets



“Stevens first delivered “Relations Between Poetry and Painting” as a lecture at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1951. In this piece, Stevens explored the parallel attributes of poetry and painting, beginning with reference to adages that apply to both poets and painters and culminating with the emphatic conclusion that “it would be tragic not to realize the extent of man’s dependence on the arts.”

This crescendo in his argument is based on the notion that, in an age of disbelief, the arts in general are a “compensation for what has been lost. Men feel that the imagination is the next greatest power to faith: the reigning prince.” Stevens argues that, because poetry and painting operate at the juncture between imagination and reality, these arts assume a prophetic stature and become a “vital assertion of self in a world where nothing but the self remains, if that remains.””

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