Whom I myself shall see: my own eyes, not another’s

June 30th 2015 : Funeral of my husband

My sister died unexpectedly 10  years ago.

Pray for the dead…. it can’t  do any harm

I Know That My Vindicator Lives: Job 19:1, 23-27
A reading from the book of Job
Then Job answered and said: Oh, would that my words were written down! Would that they were inscribed in a record: that with an iron chisel and with lead they were cut in the rock forever! But as for me, I know that my Vindicator lives, and that he will at last stand forth upon the dust; whom I myself shall see: my own eyes, not another’s, shall behold him, and from my flesh I shall see God; my inmost being is consumed with longing

Psalms 131

Psalms Chapter 131 תְּהִלִּים

א  שִׁיר הַמַּעֲלוֹת, לְדָוִד:
יְהוָה, לֹא-גָבַהּ לִבִּי–    וְלֹא-רָמוּ עֵינַי;
וְלֹא-הִלַּכְתִּי,    בִּגְדֹלוֹת וּבְנִפְלָאוֹת מִמֶּנִּי.
1 A Song of Ascents; of David. {N}
LORD, my heart is not haughty, nor mine eyes lofty; {N}
neither do I exercise myself in things too great, or in things too wonderful for me.
ב  אִם-לֹא שִׁוִּיתִי, וְדוֹמַמְתִּי–    נַפְשִׁי:
כְּגָמֻל, עֲלֵי אִמּוֹ;    כַּגָּמֻל עָלַי נַפְשִׁי.
2 Surely I have stilled and quieted my soul; {N}
like a weaned child with his mother; my soul is with me like a weaned child.
ג  יַחֵל יִשְׂרָאֵל, אֶל-יְהוָה–    מֵעַתָּה, וְעַד-עוֹלָם. 3 O Israel, hope in the LORD from this time forth and for ever. {P}

Who do you hate?

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Manchester Evening News

My husband hated only 2 people.One was Iain Paisley whose voice we heard so often during the Troubles in Northern Ireland.I can see why many people could hate him.The second person  was not me.I think it was Mervyn Stockwood  who I believe was the Head of the Methodist Church.My husband was raised as a Methodist so  that may explain it.
I  only hate one person but nobody here will know them and it is private
However if you  want to pick someone,pick someone who lives a  long way off, that you never meet and never have any contact with.Then hate away!

Talking and blood pressure

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Talking and Blood Pressure


““I’ve done amazing experiments with Holocaust survivors, and the situation is the same. I would ask them to think for about five minutes about the worst things that happened in the camps. There is no change in blood pressure. I then asked them to tell me what they were thinking about. Boom. Their pressure would double.””

t what they want to say next.”

“You also may know many people, who perhaps never felt heard in their young lives, and who never stop talking when they got older. They become “chatterboxes!” Whenever I encountered hypertensive talkers in my practice I would always insist on verbal restraint. To me, “chatterbox-related hypertension” was a real entity.

Public speaking has been studied as a form of stress that can cause blood pressure to rise. We know that when you talk and are stressed, you instantly constrict your peripheral blood supply. A healthy heart pumping out a lot of blood against a constricted periphery can create huge pressure surges that go right up into the coronary arteries and could even damage the sensitive endothelial lining of arteries. This is an unheralded mechanism that can contribute to arterial disease.

The Sinatra Solution: Become a Better Listener

As a youngster I used to stutter. The biggest challenge, or fear, for me was talking in any kind of a public setting, such as school. Yet I obviously grew out of the stuttering and the fear. Nowadays when I speak to audiences, sometimes as big as 2-3,000 people, I am fearless. The words flow. I think that comes from speaking from the heart. If we just speak from our hearts, we are speaking for what is for us the truth. Our hearts and bodies are in sync.

The notion of speaking in public, whether in front of audiences or friends, is stressful only to the degree that you feel you can communicate. If you speak the truth, and you feel heard, it is not that stressful, and so less blood pressure-altering.

If you do have high blood pressure, think about what I just said. Try to become a better listener.

How do I learn to write poems?



“Re the first thing: according to the poetry teachers I know, it is very common for young people to want to write poetry, but not to read it. Let’s just think about how strange that is. If you were a musician, would you say you just want to play music, and that you don’t want to listen to it? What kind of musician doesn’t want to listen to music?”

Wildlife loss on Saddleworth Moor


“The bleakness of Saddleworth Moor camouflages a richness of flora and fauna.

Its bogs and 9000-years-old peatland with fast-flowing streams and valleys sustains many plants and animals which will have perished as the fire swept across 2000 acres.

Wildlife experts believe the recovery could take years.

The timing of the blaze is catastrophic as fledglings emerge from nests in early summer.

Director of Conservation at the Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside Tim Mitcham said: “The heat generated by the fires is devastating to the fragile upland moorland.

“Only the most mobile of animals escape and of course we are in peak breeding period for many – from curlew to ant.

“These animals are on the moors because they like the conditions they find there and ultimately depend upon the plants, many species depend upon specialist moorland plants like cotton-grass and heather.”

He  gazed at me and tried to speak some words

Three days before the end,he lay quite still
Could barely speak nor breathe not eat nor smile
I sat alone and swollen was my heart
I knew by  inward feelings, soon  we ‘d part

At home were waiting  frozen ready meals
Quite suitable to my own freezing feel
He  gazed at me and tried to speak some words
“How will you manage,sweet”, I barely heard.

The grief I felt ignored by day time nurse
And from the Sister, came demonic curse.
Exercised in Re Hab  until dead
And even after that, cruel words they said

Resuscitated,  left in peace in bed.
He lasted 19 hours .The verdict: “Dead.”


_102223048_fire uk 2


“In addition to the “noble” tribes who trace their ancestry to either Qaysi (northern Arabian) or Yamani (southern Arabian) origin, traditional Bedouin society comprises scattered “ancestor-less” groups who shelter under the protection of the large noble tribes and make a living by serving them as blacksmiths, tinkers, artisans, entertainers, and other workers.”

The spaces once held sacred are destroyed



The spaces once held sacred are destroyed
Like Salisbury plain where sheep could safely graze
Now for soldiers use and practice Wars

The Bedouin who inhabit deserts cry
The Negev is no longer a free space
The places for creation are destroyed

Before the birth of Christ, they wandered by
Their little tents and camels no disgrace
Deserts are for practising new Wars

To shepherds and their flocks we say,Good bye.
The land is used for shooting, so debased
The places for creation are destroyed

The Lamb of God is fined and unemployed
Search for peace, be treated with distaste
Deserts are for practising new Wars

Of the Spirit, is there any trace
As the Lord God turns away his Face?
The spaces once held sacred are destroyed
Now for soldiers use and Final War.

The Bedouins, refugees from other times

The Bedouins, refugees from other times
The places were they live are still the same
But other people founded States and took
The deserts where they roamed ,ancestral nooks.

Ther little tents of black on the hillsides
Have not changed from Mediaeval times
But now they are like flies, unwanted guests
Who will know the tremor in their breasts?

Cruel is the heart of humankind,
The Commandments spat on daily by men blind.
The Bedouins of our spirit need to be
Allowed their space, allowed their deserts free

Nomads of the desert[Jesus Christ,
Nomad of the darkness in our minds

Bedouins under further attack

“Now, however, the brakes may be off. With the Trump administration providing diplomatic cover, right-wing ministers in Israel pressing to exploit that while it lasts and international support for the Palestinians focused for the moment on Gaza, a new ruling by a settler-majority panel of Israel’s Supreme Court appears to have freed the government to proceed with the removal of entire Bedouin communities on the West Bank. Advocates of the Bedouins say this would be a war crime: the forced transfer of a population under the protection of the military occupation.

“Everyone’s asking me, ‘What are you going to do, Bedouin?’” said Eid Abu Khamis, 51, Khan al-Ahmar’s leader. “I don’t have an F-16 or an F-15. I’m asking the international community: Where are the laws?”

Khan al-Ahmar is a dusty dot on the map, tucked behind a highway dividing two bustling Israeli settlements: Maale Adumim, so well-established as a suburb of Jerusalem that even leftists concede it would need to be carved out of a future Palestinian state; and a fast-growing offshoot, Kfar Adumim.

Bedouins have made the place their year-round home since at least the 1970s, though some, like Mr. Abu Khamis, say they were born there even earlier. Their tribe, the Jahalin, had wandered the Negev desert until being expelled by Israel after its establishment in 1948. When they arrived here in what was the uninhabited West Bank, the area was under Jordan’s control.

they were born there even earlier.CreditCorinna Kern for The New York Times
With Israel’s victory in the Six-Day War in 1967, the army took over, restricted the herders’ movements and expropriated the area as state land — without yet evicting the Bedouins. In the 1970s, the developers of Maale Adumim called for evacuating the Bedouins to build Jewish housing to the east and “cut off the Arab settlement continuity between Judea and Samaria,” the terms Israelis use to refer to the northern and southern halves of the West Bank.”

An interview with Wendy Cope



“What do you see as the role of humour in poetry?

I don’t set out to write humorous poems it’s just sometimes my sense of humour gets into them – well quite often. As a reader I suppose I laugh when I recognise something – I think laughter often is when you recognise something is true but you’d never actually allowed yourself to think that or you’d never heard it put quite so well. I think it’s possible for a poem to be funny and serious at the same time and I get very annoyed with the assumption that if a poem is funny then it can’t be saying anything important and deeply felt. Some of my poems are just playful and could accurately be described as ‘light verse’ but I think in a lot of my poems, although there’s humour in them, they are saying something that matters and something that’s deeply felt and I don’t think…I think those things can co-exist in the same poem.”

I’ll never leave you,but I will,no doubt, grieve you and deceive you,misperceive you.

Until the very end of time I’ll be loving you.
Until the end of all my rhymes,I’ll be writing you.
Until the day I die,I’ll be unintentionally annoying you.
Older and older,I’ll never leave you,but I will,no doubt, grieve you and deceive you,misperceive you.
Otherwise I’ll think of you,wink at you and make a hyperlink to you
Still,for ever,I’ll be all over you..looking for fleas in your floes, and
B’s in your Y’s.
I’ll be looking for tears in your eyes
and making you feel surprised.
That’s a love poem,innit?
Wot!I’m British,innit!
Oh, geddit!

Why learning may be difficult

NextDocument 23I have several friends who are very good at some art or craft but are unable to teach another person because they can’t imagine themselves back at the beginning,not knowing how to knit or read
Teaching is harder than we think.
And how would you tell someone [in words] how to write a bicycle? Do you think that it would make them able  to get on and expec cycle away? NO!
Some people have blockages.I was with a person who asked me to explain the difference  between 0.1 and 1%
It was a disaster.I literally felt a force pushing me away.So I told her to find out some other way.And  she says I am very gentle………
Teaching is harder than we can imagine.In the last case, I had not been able to reach her where she was.I didn’t  know why she asked.
Some teachers are cruel.Perhaps they dare not imagine being a beginner again,

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