Don’t go to Gaza… holiday advice

photo1525It might be on the Mediterranean Sea but the  place is very over-crowded,   2 million  or more in one little country and although the  border has a fence the IDF might fire through the fence if they can’t  understand PRESS in English or if   if your T shirt says
I am a lunatic
I am an algebra-ist
I  am in crisis.
I  am anti-cement.
I  am high  on anti-psychotics
I had a retinal crisis
My mother was a porcupine
Philip Wrath
Portnoy was a saint
I love Trains
I am gender free.
I love Moses
God made Trump
The big stain.
Philip Roth is dead.
Bury the past
Start over
Love your neighbour
Cain or Abel?
Mea maxima culpa

Share my data

PuzzleI went into a Turkish coffee shop today, but they had no turkeys
So I went to Starbucks and asked  if I could bring my horse in.The next thing, the police arrived and decide I was  mentally unusual.Too clever by half a 2
The dental nurse held up this little white thing with a tail about 18 inches long.
I said,  thanks but I’d rather have a cat.She said,
This is your  wisdom tooth.
I can’t understand how  that nerve fitted inside my  gum.And to think, there are a few more like  it.No wonder I am neurotic.How would you like it if your nerves were 4 standard deviations North of the mean,median or mode?
It’s been there a long time so I miss it.I feel this great gap in myself.I thought it was my soul but only Kafka would think like that.And me.


I went  into Costa’s and they let me go to the front of the queue as I was wearing my tooth as a pendant.The  root goes round my neck which saves buying a chain.Well, it cost enough to have it out! Maybe it was the white stick.Or the horse.img_20180522_194657This is my data from Facebook.Feel free to share.I did and look at me now.Maybe you’d do better not to.


It’s the eyes,isn’t it? Cancer and bereavement, it would be odd if I looked happy.Even if I was15037259_808368232636390_4207439168134444053_n

In the land that dreams dwell in


In the space that  dreams dwell in

where love and hate and life begin,

where swiftly the deep rivers flow

from those lost lands of long ago.

I wander through wild poppy fields

Underfoot the dark earth yields….

I see the flowering fruit trees start

Their blossoms gather round my heart…

I hear the sparrows sing with joy

And bees their busy wings employ.

In those lost lands I saw your face

And now I long for your embrace.

Are you real,am I deceived?

From this earth we all must leave.

Earth to earth and ash to ash

Glory,pride and boasting pass.

Leave me soon,my dearest one

For I,too, will be called on.

True love lasts and truth is real

Keep  to that and such ideals..

Earth to earth, we rest in clay

We must give all self away

Softly on this earth I roam

Seeking still my love and home,

for until the very end

Love and kindnss may descend.

Soft as wings of butterflies

Tears well up and wet my eyes.

My heart has melted into yours

Thus we grow and die like flowers

I went out  tempted by  gold sun and flowers

I went out  tempted by  gold sun and flowers
On the anniversary of my loss
I looked at roses, tears fell  down in showers

I wandered round the market for long hours
No-one home to  worry or get cross
I went out   to admire  both sun and flowers

Then suddenly black clouds moved in and glowered
But in the flowering rose I was engrossed
I looked at it while tears fell  down as showers

I  am one with nature as she powers
The rain outside, the rain inside,dear God.
I went out looking for your favourite flowers

I am silent in the lonely wooden tower
Where Jesus gazed, where dwelt the first white dove
I fondly wish the home was once more ours

With my naked hand, I touch your glove
Remembering  all the days of  our sweet love
I went out  for  the sun and  soft white flowers
I looked at roses, tears fell ─overpowered.

Extremism and Israel/Gaza


For two generations, in what we can call the Yitzhak Rabin era, the leaders of Israel and of Palestinians tried, sometimes dysfunctionally and bloodily, to address this wrong and find two homelands around the pre-1967 borders.

But sometime in the 1990s, a mental shift occurred. Extremism grew on the Israeli side, exemplified by the ultranationalist who murdered Rabin, but it exploded on the Palestinian side. Palestinian extremism took on many of the shapes recognizable in extremism everywhere.

First, the question shifted from “What to do?” to “Whom to blame?” The debates were less about how to take steps toward a livable future and more about who is responsible for the sins of the past. The central activity became moral condemnation, with vindication as the ultimate goal.

Second, the dream of total victory became the only acceptable dream. In normal politics, certain longstanding debates are never really settled; competing parties instead reach an accommodation that works in the moment. But extremists stop trying to win partial victories, insisting that someday they will get everything they want — that someday the other side will magically disappear.

Third, extremists over time replace strategic thinking with theatrical thinking. Strategic thinking is about the relation of means to ends: How do we use what we have to get to where we want to go? Theatrical thinking is both more cynical and more messianic: How do we create a martyrdom performance that will show the world how oppressed we are?

Palestinian politics has shifted. It shifted from 1967 thinking to 1948 thinking. If you read the Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas’s April 30 speech or much of the commentary published over the past week, it’s clear that some powerful Palestinians now believe that the creation of the state of Israel is the wrong that needs to be addressed, not the expansion and occupation.

Grant us,love, the grace to see and fight

I can’t write poems about   the Fall
Plastic window,    curtain calls
Coloured  cclothes pegs and the iron
Men with names like ,Bill and Brian

I can’t write poems  about  my school
Nor on  algebra  rings offools
I hate to eat from plates at dinner
Am I   on the spectrum, not a sinner?

I cannot write about the Christ
Evoking grief at  sacrifice.
Pedophilia   hid by men
Men whose lies  might come again

Oh, what is left this world, its might?
Find the grace to see and  fight