David played and it pleased the Lord

Forget your perfect offering

There is a crack in everything

Then love itself was gone

I heard there was a sacred chord

There’s no-one left to torture

We don’t  like babies, anyhow.

But does it have to come so cruel, so  very bright?

It pleased the Lord

A sacred chord

We’ve seen the Nations rise and fall

We’re just the little Jews who wrote the Bible

Jesus was a sailor

Forsaken, almost human

He sank beneath your wisdom

Only drowning men could see him

That’s no way to say,goodbye

I have tried in my way to be free.

I swear by this song and by all I’ve done wrong

Dance me to the end of love

Climb on your tears and be silent

Oh, broken love.

Gentle this soul

The sun give over to splendour

Bless the continuous stutter

Of the Word being made into flesh


It’s a kind of evolution that’s begun

My finger nails keep breaking,they’re so thin
And my hair has forty partings,love has gone
It’s falling out,I looks like  an  old cat
There is no glory as it is so flat

I don’t know if my skin will will  join in too
We need  more protein, eggs and  vindaloo.
The Indian ladies’ hair looks very glam
Rubbed with olive oil and brushed out femme

Why don’t we wear hats and veils  when out
Convert to Islam, with a hijab flaunt.
Mystery attracts the aging man
Wear silk clothes or nothing if you  can

Our God is hair and so we  sacrifice
Days and weeks of out eternal life


Bones knitting

Why not do more  exercise, it’s fun
Come to Gaza, with the sea and sun
Run away from  bullets, here they come

Butterflies are  bullets and they’re bombs
Bombs don’t have to weigh  a million tons
Why not do more  running, it’s  such fun


It makes  us  women dash from those  big guns
Tear gas makes us cry till overcome
Run away from  bullets; watch them come~~

It’s a kind of evolution  that’s begun
Wiping out the inferior type of man
Why not see bones knitting, it’s  such fun

It’s enough to change a harlot to a nun
See  the children savaged now and them
Dart away from  bullets, Hate  again

Many’ve left us for the world to come
The God is harsh ans cold, he’s  called Vulcan
Why not do more  exercise, it’s  fun
Running from   those bullets, gassed and stunned