In  a nightmare, I am crossing  cities in the dark

In  a nightmare, I am crossing  cities in the dark
Snipers shoot  at me with bullets, butterflies
Tested in the fields where once  goats heard the lark

I remember, as a child, the foggy park
We were  told to  run away   from men who pried
In  my nightmare, I am crossing  cities in the dark

The choices  left are  riddles cruel and stark
For goodness and relief we feel we  try
Test them in the fields where once  God heard the lark

The train is leaving,children leaning start
To shriek again the pain-filled word,goodbye
In  my nightmare, kinder-transport in the dark


The bus has gone,I’ve missed the whale and Ark
Panic  grips me,I must see your eyes,
Love you in the fields where  sang the holy lark

I never  knew so many people died
Conceived I was to   meet the onward tide
In  my nightmare, I am crossing  cities in the dark
No money and the train mouths like a  shark




Hearts feinted

26219359_1054089244730953_3622257819011378810_n.jpgI have an ingrown low tail.
I have got horns on my feet
My toes are crooks.
I am a hunch quack
My hands are narcotic  twisters
My nails are very agile
My hair is too divine
I have a leeches and steam complexion
My hair is early by nature
I use  a hair fryer weekly
My skin is vulnerable to outbreaks of dots.
I have an inverted colon.
My  mind is my body
My heart had a quack

Test in faith

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1.What is more important your phone or God?
My phone is God.
2.Is God interested in your beauty?
My beauty is  a  manifestation of God.
But then,how about all those ugly people?
3 Would God have made cockroaches deliberately?
No, they evolved from strange sea creatures.
4.Does God like men to go fishing?
If and only  if it’s on the Sea of Galilee
5 Why did God make men and women and not a creature which could fertilise itself?
To give us fun  on those long dark nights?
Maybe  we are a trial for something else.
6.Would you buy a new Bible or a laptop?
The Bible is always the same but laptops change or break
7 Should Catholics have washing machines?
Yes, to baptise  all the germs on their underwear.
Yes, to be clean for Sunday
No, they should wear no clothes as God made us naked.
8.Why can’t we see our souls?
They are invisible except to  angels.
9 Are souls gendered?
10,How often do you pray?
That’s my secret

House keeping


I paid a good sum to have my freezer mended 2 weeks ago and now it has failed again and only one  brand makes one to fit in a narrow space.So tomorrow I’ll be emptying it again and transferring the frozen peas  and everything in the fridge.It will be nice when this is over.
Meanwhile the washing machine which would only operate on the quick wash has recovered and does any wash.Why?
Thank God I have no dishwasher or tumble dryer.
If there was a river nearby I could wash my sheets in that.

How to be your own mother



The Soothing Aspects of Touch

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and it is very sensitive to external stimulus.

This makes it a powerful tool in your ability to relax, unwind, and find relief from the stress that you’re feeling.

Water is one of the ways that you can feel instant relief. That can come from soaking in a warm bath or going for a swim. Likewise, you can give your skin a warm touch by simply sitting in the warmth of the sun or changing into your most comfortable clothes.

Among other things, you might try are taking a few minutes to stretch your muscles — possibly through a few simple yoga poses or tai chi movements— or getting a massage. Even taking a few minutes to play with and pet an animal can be amazingly beneficial to your mood.

Poems on hard times