As beetles gaze.

No-one ever told me grief was fear
Or did they speak but I refused to hear?
Like cancer, blindness,  suicide and hate
The words  describe the folk of foreign states.

Vigilant and wary as we weep
We feel the loss of God and then our sleep
The world  no longer has a solid  floor
The foot is hesitant, the head is more.

The rudeness of  old friends can hurt like knives
They rush to tell you, you are no-one’s wife.
Though we know we  must meet God alone
The status of our soul is overthrown.

And yet we  see new visions and new ways
Lying with the worms , as beetles gaze

Postal order

P1000004.jpgThe  tempest  loud is blowing
Soon it will be snowing
The birthday cards are late
One  my lover ate
We need some postal order in this land
The government is lacking
The thin ice it´s  a cracking
Amber Rudd is   weeping
The harvest  she is reaping
I have my own camcorder in my hand
They say the weather´ś odder
We are the  old gods fodder
Flu is running rings
The fat lady has rung
We need a wall and border  by the band

A son of immigrants

15327469_819206644885882_1782002710805688504_n.jpgThe  good thing is that a child of immigrants from Pakistan  is Home Secretary.Apart from that the actions of ~Amber  Rudd and T.May are despicable.
And in May the Royal Family will welcome a  mixed race wife for Prince Harry.After his wild youth he now seems to have a capacity for  helping others  in particular by revealing his own mental suffering when Diana died and after.Whether you think we should have Royals or not,I am looking forward to the drama and  pleasure of good news

Which is stronger,love or total power?

As teeth have roots  I wish  most they  had flowers
And leaves of  green and little humming bees
I’d sit and see your smile for  hours and hours

Sharp teeth made for biting and for chewing
Predators  are made to kill,not please
As teeth have roots I want them to have flowers

Which is stronger,love or  total power?
A few men enforce sex like they’re diseased
I’d love to see you smile for  hours and hours

Remember  how in Auschwitz they had showers
Poisoned so  no biting to displease
As  Jews  walked to  grim death ,they had no flowers

As they walked they prayed, their Faith endured
The mystery like to Job’s will never cease
The queue went on  for   more than days or hours


The God that made the tiger and the bees
The God  who sent his Son to bring us peace
The God who made  the wild flower and newt
Oh God , you suffered under Hitler’s  boot


Trump and anger



“So rather than helping us to accept the losses we have to endure, and find solutions to the problems that really can be fixed, our presidential candidates – first and foremost Donald Trump – choose to keep us stuck in a spiral of hatred, blame and anger.

It is the most unenlightened way to deal – or rather not deal with the challenges we are facing.

Of course, there is also righteous anger. When injustice is being done, and all reasoning falls on deaf ears. Righteous anger has a place in the public discourse in order to draw attention to what is wrong. Once attention is gained, the only way forward is to let go of destructive emotions and come up with solutions.

We have yet to reach this point.”


Menu du flure

IMG_20180225_155713.jpgRoasted Rudd with Earl Grey Flea and cabbage  [Amber Rudd]

Eggs in May on hay. With bread,butter and pot of tea.

Hot brains with a bed  of mashed cantatas

Pig’s tongue with raspberry horse { Sorry I’m a  Viking]

Curried legs with free hot Boris steamed and battered.


Yoghurt with real glace cherries
Real maple syrup inside a baked nipple
Real milk pudding with real sugar.And Cream
Sherry rifle
Bed and buttered hugging.

Travel news


Watercolour by Katherine.What a shock of shades and hues,
Can I pay with money?

How much to Wexford?
It’s in the EU now.
You need a Visa.

How much does it cost to Bath on the train?”
“If you can get your feet in the sink, then it’s free.”

How much to Manchester?
They have enough men already

Can I keep  my coffin on the train?
Not if you are dead.

Can I bury St Edmund?
At the station?

If you keep yawning, a fly might get into Yarmouth
Don’t worry there are plenty of flies there already.~

I hear of King’s Lynn a lot.
Those gossips are everywhere.

How about Hunstanton?
Sorry,I don’t like Huns.

How much to Bury?
Where exactly?