What I did not know held me in trust

The grey cloud of unknowing held me fast
I knew reality unsymbolised
I gaped at trees with blossom till it passed

I would have paid no heed to stinging wasps
The strange, lost feeling  blinded heart and eyes
The grey cloud of unknowing held me fast

Is this why girls self harm to feel at last?
Inner pain  too deep to make us cry
I look at trees with blossom, this shall pass

Numbness,nothingness,the  human test
To try  our being ,show our hearts can die
The grey cloud of unknowing taught me fast

Who owns life and whose forefinger traced
The universe, the stars, the earth and sky?
I look at trees with blossom,self effaced

Our  words are maps,our sentences are lace
That weave us into being, all engrossed
The grey cloud of unknowing held me fast
What I did not know held me in trust




A plague

12974527_694200190719862_2345584929546074801_n.jpgI asked for a pot of tea but they gave me  three tea bags and a kettle.Boil the kettle then drop the tea bags in, she said.I nearly died of surprise.

I asked for bread and butter.They said they only eat cake.Sounds ominous.

I said we  have our dinner  at midday so we can make love in the evening
Otherwise we might have indigestion.They were impressed.

I never listen to music while I write.In fact I never ever listen to it.I absorb it through my skin.My skin is thin.It’s like a million ears.

She  told  me to put olive oil on my dry skin.I hope my husband doesn’t add lemon juice.I’m acidic enough.

The nurse told  me to undress.But who?

I’m in luck,sherry!

I try to write jokes but so far only 1% are funny.
Like: why not launch Trump instead of a missile? He will be the man who launched a thousand chips.
Invented in Israel and in your laptop now.Intel,intel,wherefore art thou,Intel?
I have got 10 new Commandments.
I am sorry, we have no Tablets  here right now.
I’ll send a plague then
I thought you already had.
Those were DIY
OMG Run.