Life is like


Life is when you can’t afford a picture and you decide to paint your own and then become a famous artist without really trying

Life is like when you lose your comb and have to decide whether to brush your hair with a toothbrush or a clothes brush.Or to just pour a jug of water over your head
Life is like you’re just starting a painting in the Art Class copying from a picture.The someone stands behind you and says.My,you’re ambitious.

Life is like you pay £100 for a filling in your wisdom tooth  which then aches so much you  have to have it out costing ,who knows?

Life is like you hate the dark winter but you can no longer tolerate heat

Life is like you are admiring your husband’s refusal to rush then you find he’s dying of a heart condition and can barely move at all

Life is like , your  sick husband falls on the floor in the night and when you ring 999 you find they are very busy as it is a Bank Holiday so after 3 hours you have to get the police.

Life is like   you order tea and it comes as a nug of hot water and a tea bag

Life is like you are having a wisdom tooth out and your neighbour tells you how terrible it will be and how someone nearly died from that

How we can improve our memories




A lot of memory is about paying attention. “It sounds obvious, but we live in a day when our attention span is very fickle, because there’s so much coming at us all the time,” says Dellis. “Force yourself to be laser-focused on one thing at a time.”

For example, when Dellis meets people and wants to learn their names, the first thing he does before asking their name is to mentally ask himself, “What is this person’s name?” over and over.”