I don’t even know if it is Russian

IMG_0021.jpgThanks for calling to tell me I am owed insurance  money after that bus ran over me in Uxbridge Road.However,I   have died since.

Thanks for asking me what I think of your  telephone service.I prefer Westminster Cathedral.

Thanks for  saying I have a beautiful voice.However you may not realise I am 87 and  no longer date strange men  or indeed any men or other human beings.

Thanks for the offer of  three pairs  of shoes for the price of two.I have 50 pairs of shoes now so I must turn down your offer or buy a new home.

Thanks for sending me the Sun.If the Guardian is not there I’d prefer nothing at all to come or if  you are desperate  for money send The Telegraph

Thanks but the LRB is too much for me already.It gives me a certain je ne sais  pas or qua or da da  as I walk into the Turkish Cafe for my coffee.It keeps men at bay.And women,I hope.I love Jesus best.

Please stop writing to me.I don’t speak Russian.I don’t even know if it is Russian.And I do not want to  be  your wife.Or a spy.

Trump in Israel



“American late-night television hosts delivered a number of jokes at the expense of US President Donald Trump and his visit to Israel on Monday, highlighting some of the US leader’s less delicate moments and off-the-cuff remarks.

On “Late Night,” host Seth Meyers made fun of Trump’s historic visit to the Western Wall, tying it to the president’s pledge to build a wall long the border with Mexico and make Mexico pay for it.

“President Trump visited the Jewish holy site the Western Wall in East Jerusalem today. He also said the wall was the reason Israel doesn’t have any Mexicans,” Meyers said.”

On Sundays he takes in the Bread Divine

The way that we can split ourselves within
Is , in truth, the cause of grievous sin
The kindly doctor with his much loved wife
Experiments in  Death Camps with his  knife

On Sundays he takes in the Bread Divine
Washed down   with  God’s  own Blood ,now  changed to wine.
We would choose again to kill the Good
As madness rolls in overwhelming flood

Our  forced conversions   did not go down deep
Where dwells  barbarian soul ,awake,asleep.
At times of strain the force of evil grows
To entertain us humans with its blows

What shall guide us in the time to come,
Since we murdered God and then his Son?