Is it  not idolatry to graze?

Drifting in a state of reverie
Safe within the spheres of  endless grace
The images within will speak to me

In imagined boat on inner sea
The sky and sea ,intense the glowing space
Drifting in a muse, a reverie

Those who  have been  blessed will each agree
All we are  and do will  leave a trace
The images within will speak to all who see.

Love united is community.
In  creation ,we will see God’s face
Drifting in our will -less reverie

Yet on the News we see the people flee.
The Holy Land  is filled with anguish base.
The images within will show ,.but can  we see?

Is it  not idolatry to  graze
Where  the still small voice itself amazed?
Drifting in a state of reverie
The images within will speak to me

Rewrite your own life?

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“The final layer of understanding what her own purpose was, and the spur to write her book, came in 2016 when she was caring for her father, who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

“I’d spent my life trying to control what happened to me. But this was something I couldn’t control. I had to surrender. That taught me an important lesson, which is that it’s not by seeking to control the world that we get the best out of it. So, in the final moments of my dad’s life, I realised the true purpose of my own.””

Instead of a husband


An electric carving knife… if you afford a joint of beef!
An electric tin opener.For those nights when baked beans are all you have left and your hand’s are not good
A giant size teddy bear.Something to hug.
A masseuse.
A friend who can climb a ladder.
A dog to bark at you.
A cat to cuddle up to you.
A parrot to repeat the words you said when you dropped a Le Creuset pot onto the floor to your guests.
A person who enjoys conversation.

Not a lot really.

He doth protest too much


“In other words, Trump’s furious claims of spotless innocence could be entirely consistent with the truth. But as Queen Gertrude observed to Hamlet, “the lady doth protest too much, methinks.” Surprising as this is in a veteran of showbiz, Trump seems not to understand how a close-up magnifies every gesture. His jumpiness around the subject of Russia; his hand-wringing over ways to end the investigation; his rhetorical flop-sweat at the mention of the letters F, B and I — all these and more have his audience thinking: Gee, for an innocent man he sure does act guilty.”

The Holy Land

The weather of the world is growing wild
Sacred values constantly defiled
Where are we to find a different way?
Who will have the special words to say,
The weather of the world is growing wild

Where are now the virgin and her child?
The Holy Land by strife has been beguiled
We will pay the penalty one day
The weather of the world is growing wild

In my mouth I taste the bitter bile
The storm clouds bundled, yellow,deep and soiled
Battering with anguish we  who pray
For what we ask is,”give us our own way”
Who can impart grace to hardened souls?
The weather of the world is growing wild



The Alphabet by Karl Shapiro

The letters of the Jews as strict as flames
Or little terrible flowers lean
Stubbornly upwards through the perfect ages,
Singing through solid stone the sacred names.
The letters of the Jews are black and clean
And lie in chain-line over Christian pages.
The chosen letters bristle like barbed wire
That hedge the flesh of man,
Twisting and tightening the book that warns.
These words, this burning bush, this flickering pyre
Unsacrifices the bled son of man
Yet plaits his crown of thorns.

Where go the tipsy idols of the Roman
Past synagogues of patient time,
Where go the sisters of the Gothic rose,
Where go the blue eyes of the Polish women
Past the almost natural crime,
Past the still speaking embers of ghettos,
There rise the tinder flowers of the Jews.
The letters of the Jews are dancing knives
That carve the heart of darkness seven ways.
These are the letters that all men refuse
And will refuse until the king arrives
And will refuse until the death of time
And all is rolled back in the book of days.

Can feeling bad be good for us?



“Third, acceptance is implicitly akin to saying, “This is not that bad.” Which is the truth–negative emotions may not be fun, but they won’t kill you; experiencing them as they are–annoying but not dangerous–is eventually much less of a drag than the ongoing (failing) attempt to avoid them.

Finally, when you accept a negative emotion, it tends to lose its destructive power. This is surprising and counter intuitive to many people, but if you think about it for a while, you will see the logic of this approach. Swimmers who are caught in an undertow and feel themselves being dragged out to sea often panic and begin to swim against the current with all their might. Often, they fatigue, cramp and drown. To survive, such a swimmer should do the opposite–let go. Let the current take him out to sea. Within a few hundred yards the current will weaken and the swimmer can swim around and back to shore. The same with a powerful emotion: pushing against it is futile and possibly dangerous; but if you accept the emotion, it will run its course while allowing you to run yours.”

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