Windows official support scam

I knew this must be a scam because I am using a Chromebook which uses Linux not Windows.MyChromebook screeched loudly which it never did before and I’ve had one for several years.

I can’t tell you more because luckily Google did not allow it to download.I can’t download any software.I use online photo editors

Social life in the UK

Feeling sick this morning but went out
Feeling panic rising from the drought
The bus was late
Such is fate
Oh,fill my soul with grout

Walking to the cafe hurt me so
My crutch stuck in a hole ,I fell down low
The  place was crowded
Music sounded
I need a seat,oh blow

One big table ,just one person there
I hobbled ,deathly pale , I did not swear
This woman said
Get off my head
Go and sit elsewhere

Well,the light was poor and fainter than a slug
My heart was feeling quaint, it gave a throb
I said,it’s  free
What’s wrong with me?
Am I some kind of grub?

She raised her voice and made a rude remark
My eyes were wet , the lids began to smart
I  sobbed and cried
I felt l’d have a stroke.

I think  her accent could have been  put on
I should  have asked her if she were  a man
She  might have hit me
Scratched and bit me
I think she’s a Norman

She was no Arab,Jew or Indian
She looked enraged while I worked out a plan
I’d get my crutch
Say, thanks so much
Walk out,start again.

She kept her head down looking at her phone
She had no coffee,tea was all alone
I looked across
and tried to pass
A  word and not a moan

Well,Saturday is not the day for me
When working folk just  need to disagree
I looked again
And  prayed,Amen
Then left with dignity