Calls for help

shells on shore
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1.Hello,I want to die.
Just be patient and you will die sooner or later
2.Hello,I am going to buy a rope and hang myself when  the funeral is over.
You can’t put burden  me  any more with these endless calls.Why not do it now and have a joint funeral.And you are not tall enough to fasten a rope to the tree.
Why not  say  instead you feel terrible.And I will say everything passes in time.I will comfort you.
3 .Why did you say,hello, this is the police station?
Because you have your phone number hidden and I thought you were a crook.And I was with someone else who was threatening to kill herself so now that  is two if you.I am sorry you feel so depressed.
4.Why do you  have a man’s voice on your answering machine?
How do you know it’s a man? They may be transgender and and so am I,not.

Creating,  with the aid of Love, our soul

Do our minds have  little eyes to see inside
Or is there in the deeps, another guide?
How can we attend to what we find
Musing over places where love died?

The notion of the body and the mind
Separate, unequal,Descartes’  deigned
There is no little man inside our brain
More important than the body slain.

Pay attention till good images arise
If your dreams come, they will be so wise
We are whole and wholeness  is our goal
Creating,  with the aid of Love, our soul

Do not let us live as separate minds
For leaving out the body makes us blind