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How do you know if you are insane?
Don’t worry.Other people will tell you  and even send a mental health team member.If you don’t want that to happen dress well,keep clean,eat and keep any wild or unusual thoughts private until you find a trustworthy person to guide you.If you can’t work  as  normal go to the doctor and   tell them .You will find help somewhere.. online forums?

How do I know if my anxiety is normal?
Do other people in the same situation feel anxious? Like before an exam or going tp a job interview?Even if it is  more than what others feel, you are probably a sensitive highly strung person who needs to relax and not be so self critical but that is not easy for everyone.I’ve been trying for 60 years ,so I should know!My first memory is of being in a pram with my two brothers,one  at the bottom end and the other next to me and they were fighting and tore a blanket in half.Then  when older they set my hair on  fire and poured the contents of the  baby’s potty  over me.And tried to drown me.So   being anxious is normal for me.Luckily no-one I know now has done any of the above.And if they tried I’d   feel justified in ringing 999.

Am I a wicked sinner?
Is there any other kind? We are all sinners some times.It depends on your attitude to that.As in the Pharisee and the Publican.Humility is all.

Is seeing visions a good thing?
It depends what they are.Seeing a mirage might keep you going for  longer when you may find a real oasis
If they are nasty, seek help.
Also, it might stop you living with real people  if you have visions of wonderful kind people that you fantasise about.Generally visions are useless unless they help you to lead a better, more involved life.And recall Joan of Arc…..If you are taking drugs maybe   you need help.It is ironic that lovely  visions may entrap you more than other kinds.Remember it takes effort to find God  or spiritual values

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