Laughter is the best medicine

I always enjoyed looking at Maps since I was first shown an atlas when I was 8 years old

My brother who was 1 year older than me was also interested maps and we were interested in the the many roads crossing the industrial area of South Lancashire. And with the aid of the map we could see which times each road went to.

Some of the roads were then regarded as very big like the A6 which I believe went to London although I never went on that road as far as I know no as we have no car and there’s no buses going over there

Interesting difference between my brother and myself which is this :his main interest was exploring the towns that our roads led to

He was able to explore some of the towns on foot or by bicyclen i

My main interest was not the towns but the roads the connections you might say the geometry of the roadsM

But I’d like to see a road with the same name and number going through several different times like the main road at the bottom of our street which eventually went to Warrington although I have never been to warranton in my life

My brother’s main interest apart from that was in geomorphology. He went to a very good university history geography and geomorphology which I also liked.

Unfortunately computer were just coming into use and he ended up finding most of his life studying distance information systems.

I was never quiet sure what it was and what it was used for

But I do know it wasn’t one of his loves when he went into his studies.

So even people with similar genetic inheritance and growing up in the same place always find the interest in very different aspects of the world around them. Well I went to university I studied mathematics of which geometry was obviously apart

I would like going to into largest towns because I wanted to find the book shops and that’s what I saw was in Manchester when I was about 17 years old before that all I seen was a rack of penguin books in a stationary shop

Naturally there was in those days a very large public library well stocked in the town centre and quite good small libraries in the various suburbs.

One of these was near our house and when our dad was very ill he sent us to this library nearly every day in the summer holidays and while we were there we enjoyed for example large bound volume with the readers digest which included

Laughter is the best medicine

At 8 years old I was very interested in this but it did nothing for my father. He died on the Sunday before the schools reopen in September and I never went to that library ever again. Though I knew a lot of routes to get to the library should I ever need to. Should anyone asked me for directions

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