I live on a pillow

Hermits used to live on a pillow
.God doesn’t like little green apples.
The dark night of the sole is when you are alone on Saturday nights.
The Bible was written by Jews via an aural transmission from the pre BBC
Virtue cannot be gained by will power but sin can be avoided by won’t power.
Sometimes Sin is now unmentionable.But it is still here.
St John is the patron saint of the cross.But not of the enraged
St Jude helps hopeless cases which is logically impossible but what has logic ever done for us?
St Antony helps those who lose things.But not reputations.
People got married as it was so cold in bed
.Sex keeps you warm unless you are frigid, in which case have a hot bath ten times a day and eat hot food and red chilli pepper.
If you are an obsessive house cleaner let me know.I need you.Good pay and renditions

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