Let it drop

Why did Jesus have no shoes?
He had sent his soles to be heeled.

Why did Jesus not wear trousers?
Jewish tailoring had not got that far 2,000 years ag

Did Jesus go to church on Sundays?
No ,he was not a Christian

.Did Jesus drive a car?
Drive a car what?

Did Jesus write letters?
They had no Royal Mail then and soon we shan’t either.

Why did Jesus go to a comprehensive school?
He wanted to widen his appeal.

Did Jesus iron his clothes?
It was before the Iron Age when he lived

Am I sure I’ll go to heaven?
Stop going to sex shops and wearing red bras and you should be ok

How about this atom bomb here in my pocket?
Please, let it drop,I beg you

Ersatz raps

Source: K

Oh,I see the wolf listening..he’s so gentle or is he decentral?
Shrieks,calling for mate
Bang my soul up
In your bedroom
Ker pluf
Storms of lightning
Hail you
Me,oh,me oh,me stuck here in my groove
Give me electric shocks;the silent treatment.Sulk for me, please,Argentina.
Screech,scream,I felt you watching.
Touch me with a feather
Dust me!
I see the wasps round your coat
They hug you and nip your neck
Don’t come near me again
Wolves are not
I sigh for mein mutter
She’s a nutter,
You hate me!
Never call again when you’re already here
You are not welcome.
I close my door
on your foot boot
Thunder and lightening
Go home now
This is a poem as likely
ill conceived
Eagle flies while I am
Falling down a mountain…
Scree burning.
I never want to see you again,babe.My duck.
Please be a love and leave me.Cheers
That’s ok.I understand you.
Per bot fly!
No thud
No dach
sounds whimper.
It’s time for my tea and biscuit
I cooked it twice
but you were
ab ab a aaab aa absent aahaa
I can’t believe you!
Cut this string and let it all hang out again
Oh,bogger.Go to bed
Mein eschreitschzung
blot me out
I’m an ink stain.
I like your fingers, so clean and curving
I’ll mark you and give you homework
It’s well come
Crooning mouse traps
See Rockefeller
drop out and
Bring a bag of sylvia plath’s
scrap paper.
did she know?
Did she know?
Did she sweat
Thud.My sky fell in onto the millpond
Don’t smoke near me
I’ll get burned
For I hate you
Or just want your hat and an E for
Ted went to bed
where he spent his honeymoon
with another woman
Not with the second one
It’s finished us all off
EschreitchzungFleightschztungHerr Meightschrung

Silence fell

The blind man was no Oedipus,no king
Around his form, peace hung,a lovely shawl
On his hand a golden wedding ring
The blind man was no Oedipus,no king
His wife had gone,his daughter comfort brings
She named the colours of the flowers like songs
So silence fell as if the sacred called
The blindman was no Oedipus,no king
Around his form peace hung like a kind shawl

I once found a blind man huddled in a shop doorway.He said the road drillimg was so loud he had lost his ability to know where he was.He held my hand and I turned back then all the men drilling stopped and silence fell.It is hard to describle how wonderful it felt.I took him over a dangerous road crossing then he said he knew where he was

If I didn’t have eye trouble I’d not have seen him