Dream like memories

Hollyhocks,delphinium and phlox
Foxgloves,cat mint, nettles,near by docks
The blind man breathed in air full of wild scent
His daughted named the colours now absent

High up on the Kentish cliffs we sat
Capel-le -Ferne I found it on a map
We listened to this girl, we did not speak
Absorbing by our senses,proud and meek

Now I recollect the details very well
In those dream like memories I dwell
Snapdragons growing just beside my chair
I smell the scent as if I were still there

I may be blinded by the tears of loss
But I remember, love, our happiness

If we are conversations

I heard your voice outside the glass front door
I  felt no shock nor worry  nor surprise.
But there a man, whose image is a blur,
Handed me a box with friendly cry.

What part of me still waits for your return?
Why don’t I know you’re gone and shan’t come home?
What  knowledge must my  puzzled heart still learn?
Why do I get an urge to search and roam?

If we are conversations ,as I read,
Then our  exchange has ended with your death;
And so I  am not she with whom you laid.
Nor she with whom you shared a common breath.

When deprived of  hearing your response.
I   am no longer she who I was once

America’s failure to impose democracy by war

In October it will be 20 years since Bush ordered the invasion.Just weeks after 9/11
What good has that War done?
The Middle East is worse than ever and it began in 1918 with france and England dividing up the Ottoman Empire.Those countres like Syria,Palestine,Lebanon etc did not exist but now they do and they keep haing serious problems
And all because of a shooting in Serbia

I know we can’t let people walk all over us but retalation can bring down more evil.

Especially if we attack the wrong people

Photo by Fariborz MP on Pexels.com

The Cabinet shuffles

Oh,where have you been ,my strangest old one
Oh, where have you been with your dim eyes so stunned?
I’ve been to the hospital, to Urgent Care
I’ve been to the dentist,I cut my own hair
Now the hard rain’s gonna fall
With thunder and lightening, torment us all
My left foot is swollen and looks rather pink
My toes are a bleeding,I need blood as ink
They only can look at one issue per visit
Because I am crying they assume I’m hysteric
It’s a hard rain and no ball
The foot ballers tremble,the nation is awed
My bladder’s inflamed and my flanks seem to ache
I can’t tell the doctor, my life is at stake
I’ll have to back with each symptom I have
I might have pneumonia, but my foot’s in their gaze
I might have two heads, they’ll ignore my strange ways
A delta infection is going to spread
Emotional language will kill us with dread
They will only use reason when their children are dead
The babe in her cot, our hearts feel like lead
The world was not made to fulfill our desires
Those who say otherwise are affluent liars
The Cabinet shuffles, the Ministers shove
We know in our hearts they are not there for love
Send Johnson to Turkey, Gove”s gone to Rome
He wants a conversion, but not of his home
Confession seems tempting to those full of guilt
How can they amend the cruel country they’ve built
Sewing us together, the needles aren’t built

A firm purpose of amendment is neccessary for Catholics to be absolved
from their sins.I should not judge others yet I wonder if Johnson hsd it when he rejoined the Church
I also wonder if we can change by will power alone.I doubt it but the first step
is knowing you have sinned..We don’t even use that terminology anymore
but in my experience we do sometimes do wrong.
But look at Germany after WW2.Most people denied they had knowledge of what
Hitler was doing to gay men,Jews,Gypsies.
We have defences which make us use denial to stop us suffering
Yet we do need to know.If you have severe chest pain and merely take pain killers
you might die.
I don’t know how I would have behaved were I there.