They told me not to come

They told me not to come to you that day
They said that I was fragile,I should rest
What nonsense when your man’s about to die

They lack imagination,I would pay
If I stayed at home my heart would bust
They told me not to come to you that day

What happens to us when all is awry
My presence should contain you till you left
Not spineless abence when your lover dies

I remember Cleveland Hills and sky
Heather where we lay, embraced and kissed
They told me not to come to you that day

My tears fell like a sheet from helpless eyes
Who undid the warp,undid the weft?
The torture when your man’s about to die

Is our life on earth but a mere test
Followed by God’s kind eternal rest
They told me not to come to you that day
What ignorance when your man that day will die

Which direction?

My doctor is God
Why can’t he heal you then?
I don’t believe in him
Make the leap of faith
Which direction?

God is my doctor
Where did he train?
He did not train
Good, he can’t charge you

The doctor wants a urine sample
I hope it’s a random one
Stop showing off
What’s the problem?
My bladder is full
Well,empty it
I can’t find the key
Are you deranged
If I were I could not reply
Thank you

The doctor wants to take my temperature
Where to?
Maybe the oven

The doctor says it’s a systemic infection
Can’t he install a new system in you ?
Like a plumber?

He wants me to take it easy
Fake it.

He talks in paragraphs
No, you idiot, parables!
I mean paragraphs and sentences
We don’t need those for oral communication
Well,I’m blessed.That’s brilliant

My doctor is very odd
Get even with him somehow
I can’t harm him
Then arm yourself

Are numbers very odd?
Yes, the odd ones are even odder than the even ones
No wonder you are a geek

Are doctors real?
Yes, if you think they are

Are doctors useful?
They are necessary but not sufficient

Do doctors understand patients
No, only statistics
Are they vital?


For Weil, attention (attention) means to suspend thinking, leaving one’s mind detached, empty, ready to be entered by the other.  Attention means not always trying to know, not categorizing, but waiting, as though the other could participate in forming the idea we have of it.  “Attention is the highest and purest form of generosity.”  Attention is the opposite of a thought that has seized upon some idea too hastily, and thinks it knows (Weil, Reflections, pp 48-49).  For Weil, attention requires self-emptying.