Which direction?

My doctor is God
Why can’t he heal you then?
I don’t believe in him
Make the leap of faith
Which direction?

God is my doctor
Where did he train?
He did not train
Good, he can’t charge you

The doctor wants a urine sample
I hope it’s a random one
Stop showing off
What’s the problem?
My bladder is full
Well,empty it
I can’t find the key
Are you deranged
If I were I could not reply
Thank you

The doctor wants to take my temperature
Where to?
Maybe the oven

The doctor says it’s a systemic infection
Can’t he install a new system in you ?
Like a plumber?

He wants me to take it easy
Fake it.

He talks in paragraphs
No, you idiot, parables!
I mean paragraphs and sentences
We don’t need those for oral communication
Well,I’m blessed.That’s brilliant

My doctor is very odd
Get even with him somehow
I can’t harm him
Then arm yourself

Are numbers very odd?
Yes, the odd ones are even odder than the even ones
No wonder you are a geek

Are doctors real?
Yes, if you think they are

Are doctors useful?
They are necessary but not sufficient

Do doctors understand patients
No, only statistics
Are they vital?

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