My hands move

The energy once used to see with eyes
Moved into both my hands with stuff to find
I feel for batteriies lurking is the drawer
My eyes look up to heaven as in a prayer
I thought my will would be in charge of change
While I am still not perfectly deranged
I am evolving without thought or choice
Shall I expect a louder, stronger voice
To swear at cyclists who have me annoyed
Or men in scooters going much too fast
Knocking down the fragile with their blast
No place is safe when dogs burst through my fence
While I find my purse and count the pence
Will those who see me notice this small change?
I’ll hit them with my metal stick ,outraged
I did not know I might lose all my sense
Now Satan’s living here I feel less tense

Earth and soil

Autumn time in Essex  where we drove
When farmers burned the stubble of the corn
The earth itself was  fiery  like young love
The smokey air rose like a  cloud  new born

The Kentish  landlocked   cliffs  are  wide and steep
The farmers grow  their grain on land beneath
And there too we  have seen the holy fire
The flames  and smoke arrest me with desire

The earth and soil, the  harvest  we find there
Give me joy  both full of wheat or bare
Why did burning stubble   make me glow?
These images affect the heart’s deep core

Now  fires are banned., they damage our pure air
And I   did not like the murder of the hare


When there is already a high level of moisture in the air, it is difficult for the air to absorb the moisture from our skin. This can eventually lead to a loss of body fluid and dehydration. Joint cartilage and the discs in our spine have high water content, and dehydration can decrease the concentration of fluid, agitating any arthritis that may be present. Dehydration in the heat can also cause more serious conditions like heat exhaustion and heatstroke.”