The life boat crew are safely home
They’ve brought the shipwrecked sailors too.
The storm has passed,the wind has dropped
The sea is swaying softly now.

Wrapped in night clothes,their offspring
Are all in worlds of dream still lost.
Their fathers safely home this time.
They save wrecked ships despite the cost.

Will any lifeboat crew be there
To help less blessed ones from despair,
And lives, too many ,spent in care
No fathers and no mothers near?

The sea we certainly must fear,
But more we fear the acts of those
Who try to buy our minds and wills,
for votes in the election booths.

Oh hush my baby,go to sleep,
It is your mammy’s job to weep.
I wish I knew just what to do
To empower the lives of wains like you

.Sleep well ,sleep well,my little child
.The sun will rise,the air is mild.
We’ll trust that when we all set sail
Our love and courage will not fail.

Oh,hush my sweet one,I am near.
The world’s too big for bairns to bear.
We’ll do much better this time round
.We’ll not let this boat run aground.

*NB Wain and bairn mean infant /child /baby used in certain parts of the British Isles

The woollen and silk vests catalogue

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Dear Sir or Madam or Other

Thanks you for your catalogue.I would of bought a silk and wool vest.However it seems I am over-endewed with flesh.To wit, my bosom will not fit into your specified sizing
However despite my enlarged thyroid gland,I think your scarves would do and possibly your socks
As my hands are somewhat knobbly I might go for the woollen gloves despite having longed for leather ones as a young person
I did find the catalogue endearing, full of things we wore in my youth.
I unhappily was made to wear boy’s wool vests with 3 buttons the wrong way round.combined with Double Maths and Physics A level I became “other” myself
The final humiliation was being forced to wear knickers hip 44 inch when I measured 34 inches.Was it incest or insolence in my mother’s mind?
These tragedies have made my life arduous but also full of humour
So on second thoughts,I may bypass your offerings and buy a Cossack Hat instead

Yours truly

A potential customer