I live on a pillow

Hermits used to live on a pillow
.God doesn’t like little green apples.
The dark night of the sole is when you are alone on Saturday nights.
The Bible was written by Jews via an aural transmission from the pre BBC
Virtue cannot be gained by will power but sin can be avoided by won’t power.
Sometimes Sin is now unmentionable.But it is still here.
St John is the patron saint of the cross.But not of the enraged
St Jude helps hopeless cases which is logically impossible but what has logic ever done for us?
St Antony helps those who lose things.But not reputations.
People got married as it was so cold in bed
.Sex keeps you warm unless you are frigid, in which case have a hot bath ten times a day and eat hot food and red chilli pepper.
If you are an obsessive house cleaner let me know.I need you.Good pay and renditions

I never wrote a villanelle

I never wrote a villanelle
I never even knew the name
Nor how Satan lives in hell

I wrote free verse, how to tell?
It has no rhymes, it ‘s just a game
I never wrote a villanelle

I wrote ballads, cast a spell
I was the witch,I take the blame
I and Satan live in hell

I listened to a large sea shell
I knew too much of guilt and shame
I never wrote a villanelle

I wrote terza rima,well
Dante told us in his way
Just how people live in hell

I’d love to write a book or Play
But fear the errors of my Way
I never wrote a villanelle
I have no desire for hell

The courage to write

lilac and whiteWriting a novel is like driving a car at night. You can see only as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way. —E.L. Doctorow

You have to be brave to write poetry or fiction,[and I don’t mean fear of criticism,] because all you have ever felt,experienced or studied can be drawn up into your consciousness whilst you write.

A friend of mine who is a writer put it like this.”It has taken me to places I’d rather not have gone to.” However she said she manage to live through it.At the time I had only written mathematical works so I didn’t understand what she meant.But I have now had some experiences which give me a hint of what she was trying to say.If you’ve had many fearsome experiences then these feelings may come up when you loosen the grip of consciousness.However I have also found a spirit of laughter in me which is new.Step into the darkness without knowing.It’s only by going there that help may come.But the fear is that it won’t.You can’t get an insurance policy beforehand.
Are you stepping into a void or will there be something there?
Also in drawing or painting it can take courage to draw what you perceive.I found that especially when drawing buildings and studying perspective.I’ll see if I can find a drawing to illustrate it.I have the feeling,”No,No.It can’t be this steep a gradient.It’s too much”
And in being inside a building like Westminster Abbey or Durham Cathedral trying to assimilate the vision,the huge spaces and the power and size of the shapes can create awe or even terror.One can lose one’s sense of self entirely.But it can also be revivifying when one has returned.The fear is that one will not return.
Maybe it’s the same with relating to people as well..intimacy can make one feel and be vulnerable.

The unknown’s always fearsome

You say you cant write poetry although you’ve never tried
A baby cannot walk or speak, but learns in its own time
Learning makes us anxious,facing the unknown
Like climbing up a mountain, the scree and the bold stone

Genius is aptitude but also it’s the time
We give up too easily,afraid to start the climb
Ten thousand hours may sound too much, but take it stride by stride
The mother of a family was once a timid bride

There’s noone who knows everything, before they go to start
They’re drawn like iron to a magnet, like parents to a child
Plunge into the ignorance, like children wno can dive
Surely we need novelty to make our whole self thrive

If you’ve suffered tragedy,trauma,loss or lies
Tell yourself you’ll suffer but you’ll jump with open eyes