May I borrow your spectacles?

A few years ago I was in Argos

I was looking at one of the catalogues when a woman who was also looking at the catalogues nearby came over to me me.and said

Let me borrow your glasses.

I had just got some new ones and they were expensive

So I said why do you want them?

She said I want them to read this catalogue

I said there are varifocal lenses and not reading glasses. And in any case the scripture would not be right for you

She got quite angry And was saying give them to me give them to me

I decided to leave.

When I told one of my friends they said, she was probably going to steal them.

May I borrow your mind?

You’ve got to know your own first

Do you want to keep this television?

Just until it goes off.

Shall I put it in the fridge?

You should get your eyes tested

Shall I get them vaccination? a

Have you got a sleeping tablet?

No I always turn them off

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