Simple ways to save water

When I was a child we didn’t have a bathroom but once a week on a Saturday evening we were washed in a tin bath in front of the fire

That saves a lot of water.

What you have to consider is the habits of the people. The children in my class at school we’re mostly in a similar situation and we probably all smells a little bit sweaty but nobody stood out.

Now people are very much cleaner on the whole so if you only had a bath once a week you might not be quite so clea

n so you would have to be very careful how to wash your body well without using so much water.

As we are animals it’s possible that men are attracted by women’s smell so they might get turned on more if we did not have a bath or a shower more often.

What conclusion you draw from that it’s up to you

Anything similar

like washing your clothes less often and mopping the floor less often is going to say water

Whatever you do you must not stop drinking a lot of water especially in hot weather.

I have heard the arthritis can be worse if you don’t drink enough water.

In Britain the main use of water is on farms and our land use for growing crops so it is up to the farmers and the government to deal with that.

Since we always believe that things were going to get better  and better 0 we are now worried about our aspirations.

If salvation lay in having a shower daily will we be/do better if we have 2 showers?

Here we are crossing the border line into to obsessive-compulsive disorder

For some of us we would carry on like this until having a bath every hour and we will not be able to go to work and have no money we lose our home and end up livin’ on a dung heap.

more and more of the same thing does not lead to perfection but to insanity.

You can only increase one activity by doing less  of other activities. If children spend too long doing homework they will have less time for play. Play is essential for learning so in the long run spending too much time on homework may be an error.

Not really a good idea to have only one interest in life.

Many others are not very confident and and maybe as we get towards retirement we envy people who have very interesting hobbies like creating model trains or imagining how to take a rail journey round England and Scotland and you actually close your eyes after you’ve looked at the back of the photographs and imagine you are looking after the train window at some beautiful hills and the sea, if you like reading why don’t you try writing something? It makes a big difference to me reading poetry now after I have written many poems I found it much more interesting . Even if your poetry is not very good it will still help you when you’re reading poetry because you have some idea of what the point might be trying to do do and it will increase your interest in your language whether English or something else.

Many things are interesting such as making cakes If a man wanted to learn how to make cakes I think that will be very good because if his wife had previously been doing the baking he will appreciate the time involved in her expertise in

He might ask her to teach him

Unfortunately men

in that position will decide that they are better than the wife She’s been doing it for 40 years and she might feel very distressed devalued for something that previously she felt good about.

Don’t do something other people in your family do, try something completely different.

Learn to make your own clothes or make patchwork quilts. The something about using your hands to make something that can be very very beautiful when we slow down to the rhythm of the world and get into a deeper connection with the tools and the wook of metal or whatever we are using

It may seem as if we are knitting or weaving this very world that we are living in but you have to slow down a lot before you find that out.

Slowing down to the pace of life. Does blood hasten through the arteries?

It should only happen for a short time I’m when we are under stress but if the blood rushes around the body it’s the blood pressure going higher and ultimately you could have a heart attack so slow down the pace of life so down to the rhythm of the world to the rhythm of the waves breaking on the shore in the morning when the dawn is breaking and everything is pale and you are beautiful like the skin of a baby like the smile of your lover.

Slow slow slow let us become like the waves on the sea coming in in going out in and out gently like a feather floating down from the sky from a passing bird the the feather does not rush to get to earth because the journey is more important then the end which is lying on the earth and being trodden into the ground.

There’s no hurry.

I will even say that Hurry is a bad thing

And so say all of us

I welcome comments and criticism

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