Sins we had never heard of.

It’s interesting that when something is sinful according to Christian teachings then it’s written down in various places. When I used a missal a Catholic prayer book there was a section on the sacrament of confession which contained the list of sins. I never ever wondered how this was put together It was quite a long list I had discovered later that some people were just looking through and picking out a couple of sins and then confess their sins when they went into the confessional with the priest!

Obviously they didn’t know that we were all sinners for whom Jesus died on the cross and therefore we had to confess our real sins that we really done to the priest.

I wonder how many Catholics misinterpreted this but I do know my sister confessed to adultery when she was 12 years old. Told me that she had got the word from that list but she didn’t know what it was and I didn’t tell her.

Why should I cause my sister distress? It was s very long list of sins and it was quite a good education;it was almost as good as finding a list of swear words and 4-letter words that you must never say when you never would have seen them previously because you didn’t know of their existence and you never heard anyone say them.

If you you are 7 or 8 when you make your first Communion have you ever wondered what the children knew because some of them couldn’t read!!

It is even more strange that the average reading age of adults in this country is between 9 and 10 that means that 50% of the population had a reading age below 10 which means that they could only read a limited number of words when to read a newspaper like the Times or the Guardian you need a reading age of 14 so it would appear that three quarters of the population of Britain cannot read a proper newspaper at all with any degree of success. And they probably could not afford to buy those expensive papers

Since the reading age is declining even further it’s possible that is a connection to the weak politicians we now have. Only idiots would vote for some of the people who are in office or who will hope to get into office at the next general election so in one sense it is not in the interests or the political class to raise the reading age of our children in schools. It’s possible that using computers and other screens might mean that the vocabulary the children meet at different ages may be reduced from what it used to be when we are all read books paper books. I’m sure that information must exist. Conversation is a place where we learn language and increase our vocabulary but is conversation as common now but it used to be by? Writing texting and emailing language comes across a little bit differently and again it may be a language with fewer words that the full number in the English language and literature which used to be named by a proportion of people let’s say the ones who went to college or of the ones who did GCSE level subjects at school.

Returning to the subject of sin we can increase our vocabulary by reading some of the list of sins in prayer books especially Catholic ones. I wonder if some theologians like to think about sins for reasons that are not entirely honourable,

If my sister reached the age of 12 without having anything said about being bad or committing sins and believed that the list was put there for our convenience to save us thinking about what we had actually done then why would see loads of them just wanting to tell her that she might suffer from

irregular motions of the flesh ?If she got married she added adultery to her behaviour so that she could confess to it when she went to church.

My tree

how could you convince your child the telling lies was wrong has madewhen when Boris Johnson that’s very clear but it’s not wrong for him to tell lies?

What about irregular motions of the brain brought on by using iPads and laptops not to mention smartphones.

Such words “not to mention” could have been used in the present to say you know this sinful to steal people’s food and I don’t want to mention all the other things like adultery theft selfishness greed calling someone nasty names murder anti-semitism; and several thousand more.

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