Isolation makes me feel alone


This isolation is not good for me
Unless there is a God,how could it be?

The viruses are not like friends who talk
Yet they can come with you on a walk

Invisible to naked human eyes
Viruses are now akin to spies

Who is watching me as I write this?
I’ve now forgotten who Paul Dirac was

Should I block the camera with white tape?
It might bring me some pleasure,ah, too late

Is it wrong for women to read books
New ideas might make us into freaks

Yesterday was warm but now it snows
I’ve got itchy spots and feel morose

Should I buy merino knickers now?
Should I breed some sheep or just a cow?

Why algebra exists is really queer
If you spot it then you are a seer.

Rings and groups and donuts are germane
Topology has driven me insane

What is small yet makes the gradient clear?
Calculus is like an atmosphere

Did you say Eureka in the bath?
It means you’ve met yourself without the glass

The microphone is faulty I proclaim
Perhaps I’m going deaf, we’re all insane

The phone is complex, perfect and effete
I cannot hear the voices when they speak

I got up in the night and wet my pants
That’s my husband’s ghost, the miscreant!

I had to wash pyjamas every day
4 pairs are enough if you are gay

5 thoughts on “Isolation makes me feel alone

    1. I hope they are not too sad.I suppose these are the feeling inside me though I don’t always reaise it.I have madeyself cry sometimes
      but love,birth and death are what affecr us most along with poverty and exploiationn
      I will be glad when we get to the 20th Jan.Your family oer there will feel that.Difficult to believe the recent events
      :Lots of love,Janet.You are an inspiration

      1. It’s good toe express joy and sadness…it makes a poem or work of art rich….as your words are. My children are fed up to the back teeth with the orange man and the whole atmosphere in the States. It’s a very different place to when they grew up there in the seventies and eighties….onwards xxx

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