Deep down in the earth

Cold dull winters bring us close to death
The blood grows thick and scarcely does it move
The worms may shudder deep down in the earth

This damp coldness presses out our breath
The frost and ice, the memory delude
Cold dull winters bring us close to death

Do we need the sun to give us worth?
Low in oxygen, the mind’s confused
The worms have nightmares deep down in the earth

Should we pause, these issues to address?
In this Lockdown, where should we confess?
Cold dull winters bring us close to death

Wonder now what makes our voices terse
With no priests, who shall this poor world bless?
The worms may sleep deep down inside the earth

On each other,let us not intrude
Let all loving kindness be our food
Cold dull winters bring us close to death
Like worms that slumber deep down in the earth

6 thoughts on “Deep down in the earth

  1. There is a certain lunacy…in a good way I stress…married to stark, yet eloquently put common-sense options in your work. I shall use the word I’ve come to hate given that since ‘corona’ arrived it is overused by one and all, namely ‘absolutely’, absolutely superb work. Regards, The Old Fool

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    1. Oh,Mike, thanks so much for commenting.I have a high opinion of your judgement and writing… but you are not a fool
      I hope we all get the strength to deal with the problems most of us fave.And I hope you can make a sanctuary for yourself to escape got while from the anguish of the last 4 years.May it be a Happier Year for you and your dear ones.Warmest wishes,Katherine

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      1. One of the joys in life is/are, I find, listening to my offspring…even as adults…play the game of ‘What If?’ It seems to be a family habit. You, dear lady have turned it into an artform by way of posing a galaxy of alternative answers from which to choose or to debate. On a personal basis, my only wish for the New Year is to scroll back time 4 years and return to me my treasured European citizenship. I await your nest post, Katherine. Regards, The Old Fool, that I genuinely am. My dear wife rarely calls me anything else.

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      2. Well, people should be kinder I think.However I don’t know whether you do things like emptying the hot chip pan into a coal fire
        as my auntie once did.Yes I do have this strange imagination and sometimes make myself laugh
        I can only think going to Oxford seems to be bad for the mind given how Camerson and Johnson behave.Better to go to
        a former Polytechnic and mix with a wider range of people.Then we’d still be in the EU.Do get well and defend yourself by pretending to be deaf when needs be.The class system is still here
        Hoping for some new ideas and energy as the snowdrops come up,Katherine

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      3. I’m so sorry to be late replying to your comment, Katherine. Importantly, I agree with everything you’ve said. Keep those wonderful posts of yours going. Regards, The Old Fool

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