Oh, dusk suggests


Failed Encounter




Dusk and winter rain combined
Bring old memories to mind
Hiding in the foggy park,
With my satchel, dancing stark
Cracking frosty pools ,I stamp

Icy webs hang from the lamps
Dusk, a secret time and state
In between the school and gate
Jumping,skipping, tossing hands
Imagination and its lands
Chasing,screaming, waltzing on
Children’s voices, children’s fun
When it’s dark, out Mother comes
Calls us home to do our sums
Homework,what a cursed word
Dusk and twilight, angels lark
I see the moon from my big bed
The curtains thinner than a thread
Cracks in pavements patterns make
Like God, like prophet
s, the earth shake

We see,in darkness, tongues of fire.

Signs and symbols guide the route.

Love gives the soul her appetite.

Though the night is black and starless,

The inner guide is never careless.

The notes are struck,the tune is played,

Plain melodies are overlaid.

In this chant and benediction,

Healing comes for desolation.

Though the passage way is narrow,

This road is the one to follow.

Struggling through the mud and mire,

We see,in darkness, tongues of fire.

The sacred centre of our life

Is never found without some strife.

Just then, the dark and light combine.

To create a symbol for the mind