Happy Xmas

Happy Xmas,my man Sam
Here is bread and here is jam
Let us lie down in this ditch
Just be mine,I am bewitched
The dry leaves crackle as we move
Or is it Satan with his hooves?
You kisses sweet fall down like rain
Your arms are warm ,hug me again
I like your odour, honeybun
I give my heart to you again
But now the sun has gone down low
To our cottages we go
Our secret love, our love so grand
Keeps us fit, for life’s demands
Find yourself in someone’s arms
While you’re alive, love is a charm

Smiling patient people

I went to vote, the queue ran down the street
Strange to see the British change their ways
None were holding phones nor were there bleeps
Eager faces, animation sweet
Well as it’s free we do not have to pay
I went to vote, the queue ran down the street
The staff were kind, the voters were no sheep
They did not need a shepherd for this Play
None were holding phones nor were there bleeps
The politicians crippled by conceit
Put fake websites on the net today
I went to vote, the queue ran up the street
I am curious but I feel alright
The stupidity of gossip is made clear
No-one made a video of my seat
I did not queue, a cripple may shed tears
All I have is sight loss and red ears

I went to vote, the queue stood with no light
Smiling, patient people black and white

Copyright © Katherine Braithwaite | Year Posted 2020

Two kinds of “poetry”?

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Poetry can be just clever playing with words.. or not so clever!
But true poetry stems from  living and feeling then writing with feeling
Feeling itself is not enough for poetry.
The poet needs to transmute the feeling, using their craft into something that contains and retains the feelings and passes the result on to readers.
Being able to play with words is useful, but not sufficient.Maybe that has to be impregnated with feeling?


Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

Gently dancing in the sun
Wildflowers grow; they bloom, are gone.
With no thoughts,they have no cares;
Yet their lives are gentle prayers.
May I walk in such a way
That I am alive to this day.
So I see with widening view,
And joy and sorrows embrace too.
Then my time will come like yours…
And of us nothing shall endure.
As to the earth our bodies go, All are one;it shall be so

Waxy flowers in the snow

Waxy flowers poking through
Snow so white
Flowers bright.
Made me think of you.

I see once more your dark,dark hair,
Soft as snow,
On pillow.
Now my bed is bleak and bare

Face alight,flower to sun,
I loved you.
Love so true.
Fear by love,overcome.

Cyclamen in the snow,
Pink and red,
Now frozen,dead.
Love was,oh,so long ago.

But never gone from in my mind.
Thoughts so deep,
Upwards seep.
Love was gentle,love was kind,
You’re always in my mind