I charge you

Instead of looking forward to going to heaven,
We look forward to a phone that charges faster
Charging faster made no difference to the Light Briga

We looked forward to going to the Library on Saturdays
Now we get e-books in two minutes
Disconnected from our Community

We went to church on Sundays
Now we want proof God exists
Is this an improvement?

We did Al-gebra at the Grammar School
Who invented it and why?

What is “x” anyway?

God with you

Bring your own God with you, you can’t help it anyway
I have heard you singing, don’t tell me you can’t pray
We’re strung like beads along a chain, we’re linked with none left out
Every time that someone dies, there opens a new mouth
Mouth brings voice, the people’s choice, there is no faking Truth
Eat and live, speak and grieve, give and so receive
Eyes to see and ears to hear,grace may be about
Still the Sirens wail and moan, leave them, they can’t c

Oh,little world

My heart rose up in gladness for this dawn
No round sun, a reddened strip, appeared
Of red sky, the wiser shepherds warned

The shepherds played reed pipes,not great ram’s horns
Their music heard by lovers stilled the ear
My heart rose up in gladness for this dawn

The glances and the touches made love warm
So into their Communion they were steered
Oh,red sky, the wiser shepherds called

The first emotion may end up forlorn
The true appearance may change love to fear
My heart rose up in gladness for this dawn

The little lives of shepherds,time untorn
No texts, no phone, no chat, great peace is near
For red sky, the wiser shepherds warned

In my eye I felt a rush of tears
I turned away, the sun was fierce, sincere
My heart rose up in gladness for red dawn
Misreading thus, by wisdom ill informed